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Securitron vault
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: The Fort)
Part ofThe Fort
OwnersRobert House
Cell NameSecuritronVault
ref id0012428e
TerminalsVault Status Terminal
Sentrybot Operations Terminal
Turret Operations Terminal
Protectron Operations Terminal
Securitron Operations Console

The Securitron vault is a location in the Mojave Wasteland located under the Weather monitoring station at the Fort. Caesar's Legion has attempted to open the elevator down to the Vault by drilling and blasting, but all unsuccessfully.


The Courier can access the Securitron Vault after getting the Platinum chip through:

  • Killing Benny.
  • Killing Caesar.
  • Being given it by Caesar.

Inside it is a small vault, and it is bathed in light radiation. Mr. House has a terminal in the first room, but no control of the facility's security. After killing the first protectron, go straight and open the first door. There you can find 3 terminals, which can deactivate the turrets (average) and the robots (hard), although the third terminal (sentry bot) is unusable. The next room has two protectrons and two turrets. It consists of a set of generators, and many long, windowed rooms looking out over hundreds of Securitrons. The final room contains an operations console that can read the data on the Platinum Chip to upgrade all Securitrons, and activate the army in the Vault.

Notable loot

  • There is a plasma rifle and microfusion cells in a room near the entrance, as well as a number of pulse grenades which, especially for a lower-level player (for whom they will be difficult to acquire), can be very useful in the assassination of Mr House, due to their bonus against robots.


  • Although it uses Vault-Tec construction technology, it isn't a survival shelter, but simply a large, secure storage.
  • You cannot enter it again after the quest.
  • At the bottom of the first stairs you come across, there is a door to your right that requires 60 Repair to access. Note that this room has four sentry bots ready to attack, although if you haven't set off the security feature by destroying the generators they will remain non-hostile.
  • After activating the Securitron Army the noise of moving hydraulics will sound throughout the vault, which may point to additional robots being assembled in other unseen sections in the vault.
  • Note that sometimes the sentry bots will open the door after activating the army of Securitrons, but will not attack unless provoked.
  • If you choose to destroy the generators, warnings will begin to play after you destroy the first one. Once all are destroyed radiation will leak in and the building will begin to explode.
  • If you destroy any of the generators after fixing the door to the room with the sentry bots in it, the sentry bots will immediately begin to hunt down the player.


The Securitron vault appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.