Second Helpings

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Second Helpings
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Second Helpings is a quest in Fallout 76.


To complete the Responder training, the player has to find Reverend Delbert Winters at his home and learn how to cook safe, nutritious food.


  • Reverend Delbert's home is one of the long trailer homes near the church. The reverend is dead, but his body carries a survivor story and his terminal contains the instructions for the training.The player has to access them and learn how to make a ribeye steak.
  • To do so, they need a piece of brahmin meat and some wood. The first can be gathered from any brahmin corpse in Flatwoods, while the latter is obtained from logs or by deconstructing melee weapons.
  • Then the player simply has to craft one at a cooking station, check in with the kiosk to be officially certified as a Volunteer, then contact the Responders using the main terminal just inside the Flatwoods church. This will complete the quest and lead to Final Departure at the Morgantown Airport.

Quest stages

- Find Delbert Winters in Flatwoods
- (Optional) Search for Delbert Winters in the People Directory
- Look for Delbert Winters at his home
- Search for training instructions around Delbert's house
- (Optional) Get a piece of Brahmin Meat
- (Optional) Get some Wood for fuel
- Cook a Ribeye Steak
- Check in with the Self-Serve Kiosk
-Quest finishedContact the Responders using the Database