Searchlight east gold mine

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Searchlight east gold mine
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Map MarkerSearchlight East Gold Mine
Cell NameSLGoldMine01 (exterior)
SLGoldMine01INT (interior)
ref id000deaf6 (exterior)
001555fe (interior)

Searchlight east gold mine is a location in Fallout: New Vegas.


This long-abandoned gold mine still contains remnants of the infrastructure within its single, cavernous chamber supported by four massive rock pillars. Four Vipers are camped out at the end of the railway. Once they are taken out and the player approaches the rear of the cave, a second group of Vipers will spawn at the entrances boxing the player in. The bulk of the loot comes from the spawning Vipers, with leaders practically guaranteeing a Leather armor, reinforced and a .44 Magnum revolver to drop.

Notable loot

Does not include loot dropped by NPCs


Searchlight east gold mine appears in Fallout: New Vegas.