Scribe Haylen's personal log

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Scribe Haylen's Personal Log
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Scribe Haylen's personal log is a holotape in Fallout 4.


This holotape can be discovered within the Cambridge police station, in the area where Rhys and Haylen patrol.



Scribe Haylen: Field Scribe Haylen, personal log entry 324A. I'm starting to wonder if joining the Brotherhood of Steel was a good choice. I originally signed up seeking protection and comradeship but I'm worried that I've traded away a bit of my humanity in the process. The Brotherhood's message of hope for the future is idealistic and noble but their methods leave a lot to be desired. The leadership seems especially misguided. Instead of diplomacy, they wield violent confrontation to exert control. Despite all that, I've been successfully avoiding the fighting by following the career path of a field scribe. I suppose only time will tell how long I can stand the sight of spilled blood over my own moral fiber.