Scribe Grant's Plea

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Scribe Grant's Plea
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Scribe Grant's Plea is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Fort Defiance: The note is just beyond the sealed entrance leading to the Brotherhood of Steel section, next to a noticeboard and the Final Stand note.



If you're hearing this, stranger. I'm dead. The Brotherhood is dead. But I'm relieved. Relieved there is someone, anyone, alive. I honestly don't care if you're Chinese, American, or whatever. You're a human being.

I don't have much time. But the Scorched are more of a threat than you can ever imagine. You have to find a way past the security I installed. If you're former military, all you need is your government issued military ID card.

If not... find a way. I know, some... ghost... isn't probably very persuasive. But look past your own skin, and consider there's so much at stake. We did. And that's why I'm going out to die. Ad victoriam. Scribe Grant signing out.

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