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Scrapyard office
Scrapyard office.jpg
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Scrapyard, local: )
Part ofScrapyard
Cell NameScrapyardShack (exterior)
zScrapyardShackInterior (int.)
ref id00001781 (exterior)
0006f199 (interior)

The scrapyard office is an unmarked location at the scrapyard in the Capital Wasteland.


Littlehorn & Associates uses the scrap metal shack as their main base of operations for contract killing. At the main desk is Daniel Littlehorn, and he will give the Lone Wanderer their contract. After taking the Contract Killer perk and speaking with Daniel Littlehorn you will be able to take an ear off of the corpses of "good characters" (both human and ghoul) throughout the wasteland. After you take the ear you may return it here for a small amount of caps and bad Karma.


The shack is very small for a business. There are four desks with secretaries tapping away at typewriters while Daniel Littlehorn sits at his desk in the back in front of Bouguereau's Dante and Virgil in Hell.

Notable loot


  • If you are in combat when entering the office, Daniel and the other associates will flee outside.
  • The door will require a key, making it that you can't get in unless you have the Contract Killer perk.


The scrapyard office only appears in Fallout 3.

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