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For the Fallout 3 location, see Scrapyard.
FoD Scrapheap.png
LeadersLex (Scrapheapers)
Rayze (Crypts)
Baka (Fools)
QuestsSolve Scrapheap's gang problem

Scrapheap is the armpit of the desert. No better place to raise children, in my opinion. [Chuckles] This place makes Junktown look like a living city of the ancients.

Rock, Fallout demo

Scrapheap is the only location in the Fallout demo.


A minor frontier town in New California, Scrapheap would have been consumed by the desert long ago, were it not for the power generator, supplying all the electricity. It is the only thing of real value in Scrapheap, allowing Whomever controls it, controls the town.[1][2] Its impoverished, struggling populace was subjugated by the Crypts sometime around 2162. Led by Rayze, the raiders seized the generator building as their base of operations, preying on the people of Scrapheap. Lacking numbers and strength, they could only passively watch as their town was turned to shambles. The Fools, under "Queen" Baka, arrived at a later date, to try and wrestle control of Scrapheap and the generator from the Crypts. In either case, the people of Scrapheap will suffer.[3]



Behind the scenes

  • The demo differs from the release version in several ways, most importantly the amount of time given to find the water chip. The release version gives 150 days, while the demo only has 120 days.
  • The demo uses the entrance map from the release version and contains Phil, but otherwise is an unique location. It cannot be visited in the release version.


Scrapheap is the setting of the Fallout demo.


  1. Max Stone: "{144}{}{Tell me about the power generator.}"
    Lex: "{150}{}{The power generator supplies all the electicity in town. Without it, we would surely die. It is the most important thing in town. Whoever controls it, controls Scrapheap.}"
  2. Max Stone: "{126}{}{Tell me what you know about the Crypts.}"
    Lenny: "{131}{}{The Crypts are really mean. They hold the 'lectricity and if we are bad, they take it away from us. They hate the Fools, worse than any. Worse than they hate my friends.}"
    Max Stone: "{132}{}{What's the 'lectricity?}"
    Lenny: "{134}{}{It feeds the lights. It makes all the stuff go. I don't know, but if we don't have it, it's not good.}"
  3. Max Stone: "{111}{}{Anyone else I should know about?}"
    Lex: "{112}{}{Well, there are also the Fools. They would control Scrapheap, if the Crypts were gone. The two gangs fight over who controls this place. Currently, the Crypts are on top. Now that you are here, things could change.}"
    Max Stone: "{113}{}{What makes you say that?}"
    Lex: "{114}{}{If you could get rid of the gangs, we would be grateful. We don't have the numbers or the strength to drive them off, and few people care about this place. If you care, then we might be able to help you.}"