Scott Conroy

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Scott Conroy
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Biography and appearance
Human (formerly)
AffiliationTruth Seekers (formerly)
RoleCryptid hunter
LocationSunken church, The Mire
QuestsThat Sinking Feeling
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Scott "Scoot" Conroy was a cryptid hunter turned wendigo currently living in the tunnels of the sunken church in Fallout 76. Scott was a member of the Truth Seekers with Ray Gary and Calvin van Lowe, but the group would eventually split up with Scott Conroy continuing cryptids until he would be trapped in a potential cryptid sight he was surveying.


Scott Conroy was once a member of the crytidhunter group the 'Truth Seekers' with his two friends Calvin van Lowe and Ray Gary. Highly motivated, the group would stake out many locations around West Virginia looking for the unknown. That was until Calvin van Lowe began attending Vault-Tec University in August of 2072.[1] From then on the Truth Seekers meetings would stop entirely. Scott would later grow resentful of Calvin for moving to VTU, but would still continue his search of cryptids solo but to spite Calvin and debunk his obsession of the Sheepsquatch.[2] In 2076, Ray Gary would contact Scott in an attempt to reconvene the Truth Seekers with a new member Shelby O'Rourke who was researching cryptids in the area for her thesis at VTU. Conroy was less than pleased after hearing about O'Rourke's VTU background; reminding him of Calvin van Lowe. Scott would begin to yelling during the meeting and likening O'Rourke to van Lowe by insinuating that she would "ditch" them as van Lowe did before. The attempt to reform the Truth Seekers ended when Scott stormed out of the meeting leaving Gary and O'Rourke to themselves.[3]

Conroy would continue to search for cryptids, but would begin hunting ghosts with his friend Shawn.[4] Their investigations led Conroy to a sunken church in the Mire which was a site of sinkhole opening-up and killing several people.

Interactions with the player character

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That Sinking Feeling


  • That Sinking Feeling: Once the player finds the last of Scott's notes in the sunken church, he will appear and attack the player.


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  • Given how Scott has reacted to both being left by Calvin van Lowe and how once attempted to put one of twelve cats up for adoption but couldn't finish writing the advertisement.[5], it's more than likely that Scott Conroy has severe seperation anxiety.


Scott Conroy only appears in Fallout 76.