Science center gift shop

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Science center gift shop
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Cell NameCambridgeMonsignorPlazaExt
CambridgeScienceCenter01 (interior)
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The science center gift shop is an unmarked location within Cambridge in Fallout 4.


A Mr. Handy keeps this location relatively lively, selling junk items and flamer fuel to any that happen across the shop.


The gift shop consists of a single room, containing minor loot and a safe attached to the wall directly behind the cash register, as well as a chemistry station against the right wall immediately upon entering the shop.


The Mr. Handy can be deactivated using the Robotics Expert perk, which will allow for the safe to be looted without consequence.


The science center gift shop only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

This science center is nearly in the same location as the Boston Museum of Science, including a similar drawbridge and white dome that resembles where the planetarium would be.