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Scavenger platform
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Map MarkerScavenger Platform
Cell NameSLScavengerPlatform
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The scavenger platform is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is a pontoon boat in the middle of Lake Mead, it may have been used in an attempt to scavenge the bomber at the bottom of the lake. Despite being a boat and not being anchored down, the platform stays in the same point and does not float around Lake Mead.


This location consists of four platforms joined together by wooden bridges. On each of these platforms are makeshift shacks made by the previous owners. Towards the middle on the edge of one is a campfire. Also on this platform are 4 to 5 lakelurks. At the western side of the platform are two ramps attached to the edge of the platform to make it easier to get from the water onto the platforms.

Notable loot


  • After being cleared of lakelurks it can be ideal for player housing, especially for players on Hardcore mode. The lake can be drunk from to reduce the H20 meter in hardcore mode and heal the player rad free (although very slowly), it contains a bed to reduce the sleep meter in hardcore mode and heal if hardcore mode is off, footlocker for storage and a campfire for crafting. (Lakelurks respawn, confirmed on PS3, 360.) However, a companion can be left there, and will not have a problem picking off the respawning lakelurks, so that you won't be surprised by them upon returning home one day.
  • A lakelurk may be swimming in the waters below the platform. In which case the player will have to swim to it and back onto the platform where it will follow you and where it can be easily disposed of.
  • Although the player is walking on the floating platform above the surface of the lake, the player still leaves waves on the water's surface where they are walking above it on the platform.
  • When approaching the platforms, lakelurks will fire upon the player who will be left defenseless during swimming and can die quickly because of this. Due to how far out in the water the platform is, it is hard to kill the lakelurks from a distance, so getting onto the platforms as soon as possible may be the player's only chance.
  • Using a scoped weapon and some patience, it´s quite easy to take down the lakelurks in the ramp to the southeast (looking directly from fisherman´s pride shack)
  • If you pick up one of the tires on the platform and throw it onto the water you can jump on it and float.


Scavenger platform appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The lakelurks might not appear on the platform, but if you save then reload they'll appear in their usual spots.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The lakelurks will be already dead on arrival of the platform.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png All items appear to replenish after a few days
  • All dead lakelurks, along with any other dead creatures on the platform, may respawn, causing problems for the player when visiting, especially if there is a large amount of bodies on the platform.