Saugus Ironworks

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Saugus Ironworks
Map MarkerSaugus Ironworks
FactionsThe Forged
Jake Finch
QuestsHere There Be Monsters
Out of the Fire
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SaugusIronworks02 (blast furnace)
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Slag's Terminal

Saugus Ironworks is a National Historic Site located about 10 miles northeast of downtown Boston in Saugus, Massachusetts.


This site is the first integrated ironworks in North America, founded by John Winthrop the Younger and in operation between 1646 and approximately 1670. Once a historic national site, this pre–Revolutionary War ironworks was reopened during the ramp-up to provide materials for the war with China. The site is now run by Slag, a particularly ferocious raider and his raider clan, the Forged.[1]


Saugus Ironworks

Buckets of molten slag dot the building and iron rebar is scattered throughout. At the end of the first room is a staircase leading to a hall of management offices, or continues up into the rafters of the building. A wooden bridge in the rafter connects the first room to the second.

A staircase in the second room leads back down to the catwalks. Directly behind the stairs in the eastern most room on the second floor is a a weapons workbench and an armor workbench. A staircase in the southwest of this room leads up the entrance of the blast furnace.

A power armor station and door to the roof are just opposite the blast furnace door.

Saugus Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is a four story room with catwalks circling around a central bucket of molten iron.


Notable loot

  • The Shishkebab is used by Slag in the blast furnace.
  • The Explosives Bobblehead: Found in the blast furnace area, to the left of the steamer chest.
  • Essential Upgrades edition of Picket Fences: Found in the blast furnace area as well, below the steamer chest.
  • Jake's holotape, on Jake Finch in the blast furnace.
  • A Nuka Cherry on the southwest corner of the second room, beneath a broken stairwell. Two ironworks employees (now skeletons) were having lunch in this spot.
  • An overdue book is in the hand of a skeleton in a molten metal bucket.


Saugus Ironworks appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Once a historic pre–Revolutionary War ironworks, this location was reopened during the ramp-up to provide materials for the war with China. The location is now run by Slag, a particularly ferocious Raider and his clan, the Forged."
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