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SatCom array NN-03d
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Map MarkerSatCom Array NN-03d
Brotherhood Outcasts
Cell NameSatComArray03 (ext.)
Array NN-03d-A
Array NN-03d-B
Array NN-03d-C
ref id0000131f (ext.)
Array NN-03d-A
Array NN-03d-B
Array NN-03d-C

The SatCom array NN-03d is a satellite communications array, and is part of the general SatCom array in the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. It is located between Fort Constantine and the MDPL-21 power station.[1]


NN-03d has three arrays and is currently serving as a raider hangout.

Array NN-03d-A and C can be entered from the ground level; B's front door is boarded up. A's entry point has a heavy population of raiders, and C requires a terminal hack to get in. Arrays A and B are connected by a bridge on top of the dishes - avoid holes in the dishes - watch out for the raiders on the outsides of arrays B and C. Arrays B and C are connected by a basement tunnel. Array C is locked, but can be opened with the nearby terminal (Very Easy).

To get to this SatCom array on the world map, head to the southern most tower's entrance. The Brotherhood Outcasts have a small outpost in a corrugated steel shack just to the west of the SatCom array. This outpost is occupied by two Brotherhood Outcasts armed with laser rifles.

NN-03d-B has a chessboard with miniature garden gnomes as the pawns, and miniature bottles of alcohol and electron charge packs as the other pieces. On the board, the game is two moves in. One player has moved a knight, the electron charge pack, and the other player has moved a miniature garden gnome; a pawn.

Balanced on the railing of the walkway leading to the chessboard, one may find a carefully arranged array of sporks. They may spell out something if looked at from a certain angle. Taking or moving any of the sporks, or even walking too close to them, will cause the arrangement to crumble, with some falling onto the walkway and some all the way to the floor below. NN-03d-B contains the giant teddy bear behind the boarded up hall behind the chemistry set on the ground floor, although the door behind the teddy bear does not lead anywhere.

To the northeast of the towers is a small doorway set into the rock. When opened, the door reveals a concrete wall with the words "FUCK YOU" written on it in big green letters. On top of that door are three missiles, which are, mysteriously, balancing on the very tip of the warheads.

Notable loot

SatCom array NN-03d-C

  • Pugilism Illustrated;
    Located atop a toilet on the eastern wall on the first level.
  • 2 mini nukes, located atop a shooting target; The Capital Wasteland, SatCom array NN-03d. Enter SatCom array NN-03-C, and traverse up the ladder to the dish.
  • To get into SatCom array NN-03-C, one must pick a Hard lock. (unless one goes into building A, goes up to the top of the dish, walks across a wooden plank to B, goes through there to the bottom, killing raiders along the way, and goes through the doors to D and C).

Surrounding area

  • 1 Shishkebab schematics; One can find this schematic near a workbench in a red Brotherhood Outcast shack, to the southwest of SatCom array NN-03d. The shack does not appear on the map, but is at the base of the hill the array is built on.
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum; On top of the shack, just shoot it off the roof.

SatCom array NN-03d-B

Inside, one can find four teddy bears on top of a counter along with some various chems.


  • There are some unusually small raiders in tower B.
  • In tower A, the raiders have stacked a few coffins, complete with skeletons, all of which originated from the empty graves just outside of the tower.
  • On the stairs in NN-03d-C that leads to NN-03d-B, one can find a carefully placed row of ten beers on each step. At the bottom, there is a pile of eight more beers. At the top, there is a toy car that could be used to trigger the dominoes.
  • If a piece is removed from the chessboard, the pawns will slide into their proper places, and a few pieces might fall off the table.
  • Once placed into the Courier's inventory, the giant bear does however have some unique properties. If any other bears are being carried at the same time, or bears are added to while carrying the giant bear, it is always reverted back to a normal size. Also, if dropped once, and then it is picked back up again, the second time it is dropped, it will shrink to the size of a normal bear.
  • To get the giant teddy on 360 or PS3, one will need to place multiple frag mines on the table in front of the bear/boarded up hallway, in which they will then need to be set off. The bear should be moved to a position that one can now retrieve it. Saving before trying this is recommended.
  • The giant teddy bear can be taken by using the 3rd person glitch just like while obtaining Col. Autumn's 10mm pistol.


The SatCom array NN-03d appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Star Paladin may fall to her death while getting the mini nukes. It is advisable to have her wait.
  • If you have Charon, Star Paladin Cross, Fawkes, or Dogmeat following you, they will not follow you any further than the top of Array 'a'. When you go to walk across the bridge between the top of Array 'a' and 'b', instead of following you they will go back down into the hatch and wait for you there. However, once you reach 'c' and hack the Very Easy terminal at the end to open the Very Hard locked door, they will appear immediately after you unlock it and can follow you, except on the tops of the dishes.
  • When fast walking here from other locations, enemies will sometimes respawn on the catwalks. It is particularly amusing to observe deathclaws and yao guai appearing high up on the towers but unable to do any damage because they only have melee attacks at their disposal. This was observed on the Xbox 360 version.
  • With careful jumping on one of the suspended cages on the two smaller towers, you can access a hatch that will only say open/close but nothing will happen.
  • After you take the two mini nukes in Array "c"'s dish, when you return to the hatch, looking at it while circling it may reveal the option "search radscorpion".
  • A minor bug with the chessboard pieces is that each tiny gnome still weighs 5 lbs. Dropping all of them together will result in stacked, full-size gnomes which cannot be returned to their original miniature state. Dropping them separately leaves all of them tiny looking except for the last one. They will, however, have the footprint of full-sized Intact Garden Gnomes. This prevents them from being placed back on a chessboard. The footprints can be converted back to the smaller size by reloading after they're dropped.



  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.321: "2.02 SatCom Array NN-03D (LAT -13/LONG 25)
    The largest of the SatCom Arrays in the Northern Wasteland sits to the west of Fort Constantine. It's visible for miles and is currently a Raider stronghold. The towers each have a ground-floor entrance and are labeled NN-03-A, B, and C. Tower A is the lowest and Tower C is the highest. The entrance to Tower B is boarded up and cannot be breached. The door to the upper Tower C is locked."
    (Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of the Capital Wasteland)