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Sandy Coves Convalescent Home
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FactionsThe Institute
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Sandy Coves Convalescent Home is a still active skilled nursing facility located in Salem, Massachusetts in 2287.


This small nursing home within Salem provided automated care for its elderly residents.[1] The care may have been adequate here – perhaps more so, as residents didn't have to tend with the food shortages and civil strife – but the residents were considered more stock than charges.

In fact it was due to the automated care itself that the people here would occasionally leave the premises; perhaps it was more due to the automation than any lack of empathy or morality that left residents undersupervised and alone. This is most evident in the effort the facility took to keep their charges on the premises. Instead of hiring more staff (something that might not have been an option) they constructed a fake bus stop right across the street from their main entrance. As for their staff, the biggest complaint seems to be that the robotic attendants kept forgetting to check the bus stop prop for residents who wandered off, or as the orderlies put it, "escaped" – something that sooner or later would garner the attention of the local police.[2] One of the more regular "escapees" was a resident named Gladys, a retired soldier who would do this if only just to remind the staff that she was still dangerous.[2] She even had a stash of explosives in her room.[3]

On Saturday morning, October 23, 2077 the radiation from the nuclear detonations of the Great War swept through the facility, killing most where they were: tending the kitchen, relaxing and socializing, lying in bed, smoking out back, locked in the bathroom (one of the nurses may have been on drugs – specifically Jet) or, in Gladys' case, at the mock bus stop.

For the next two hundred years, the facility remained derelict and ignored, the automated attendants still 'minding' their now skeletal wards. Still, one resident may have lived a life after the apocalypse. The building has become a sanctuary for house cats, and synths recently infiltrated the place for an unknown reason.[1]


The building opens to the reception area; beside the front desk are several safes (which are filled with various medicines and chems) that used to belong to the residents and require their keys to open (the keys are spread throughout the building, and some are even hidden; their locations are noted in the front desk terminal).

The first story contains several studio apartments, a common room and the kitchen (which contains a chemistry station). There are stairs in the northwest and southwest corners, as well as two collapsed floor that lead up to the second story. The second story has several more studio apartments, as well as an entertainment room and another common room.


Former inhabitants

Notable loot

  • An issue of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal and syringer rifle are inside the locked storage niche beside the front desk.
  • Edward's safe key is found on the ground story, in the northwestern room beside a typewriter.
  • Ethel's safe key is found on the second story, in the eastern room with adorned with paintings; the key is beneath a paintbrush in the corner.
  • Catherine's key is found on the second story, in northern room in front of several cat dishes.
  • Gladys's room key is obtained from the front desk attendant after convincing them that the Sole Survivor is check in.
  • Randall's safe key is found on the second story, in the southeastern room, underneath a comfy pillow.
  • Mortimer's safe key is found on the ground story, in the southeastern room, a model boat on a shelf.
  • Margaret's safe key is found on the ground story, in the northeastern room that is beside the elevator, underneath several bags of fertilizer.
  • Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes; one is lying beside the skeleton of a woman whom fell back on the floor of the dining hall, the other is in a crumpled box in the entertainment room on the second story.
  • Four overdue books; one in Margaret's room, on the toilet in the bathroom, the other three are located in Edward's room, one on the bed ruin and the other two on the floor.

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Sandy Coves Convalescent Home appears only in Fallout 4.


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