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Quest data
LocationSanctuary Hills
Given ByPreston Garvey
Editor IDMin01
Base ID0005dee4
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Sanctuary is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth Fallout 4..


With the raiders in Concord temporarily dealt with, Preston Garvey and his group will need a new home to settle in at. Sanctuary Hills is the group's new home, and Sturges needs help getting the settlement prepared for living in.


  1. A bed must be created for each member of the group.
  2. Two water sources must be created.
  3. A number of vegetation must be planted for food.
  4. Defenses must be established, which can be accomplished by setting up guard posts, perimeter turrets, and/or sending companions to Sanctuary Hills.

Quest stages

10 Join Preston Garvey in Sanctuary
50 Talk to Sturges
250 I've agreed to help the people in Sanctuary establish a permanent settlement.
1000 Build sheltered beds for Sanctuary settlers (0-100%)
1050 Talk to Sturges
1100 Provide power for Sanctuary settlers
1150 Talk to Sturges
1200 Provide clean water for Sanctuary settlers (0-100%)
1250 Talk to Sturges
1300 Provide food for Sanctuary settlers (0-100%)
1350 Talk to Sturges
1400 Build defenses for Sanctuary (0-100%)
1450 Talk to Sturges
1500Quest finishedSanctuary is well on its way to becoming a thriving settlement.


After this quest has been completed, Sanctuary Hills will become a target for random hostile encounters. Failure to protect Sanctuary Hills during these events, can lead to settler deaths and overall unhappiness among the survivors.

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