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The Salvatores mean business.
LeadershipLouis Salvatore
Notable MembersMason (right-hand man)
Renesco the Rocketman (drug pusher)
HeadquartersSalvatore's Bar, New Reno
Notable LocationsSalvatore's Bar
West Side: Renesco's Pharmacy

Some free advice: You see a Salvatore, keep your head down n' mouth shut, or they'll cut you in two. They got the best firepower this side of Cee-Ay, so nobody with any kinda sense fucks with them, understand?


The Salvatores are the third most powerful family of New Reno.


A quiet crime family mostly operating in the West Side of New Reno, the Salvatores operate under the lead of Louis Salvatore, a venerable fossil of a gangster.[1] The family maintained a low profile, building up their forces and developing their influence,[2] before brutally asserting their presence with laser pistols in early 2241. Two of Salvatore's men executed a group of rival thugs belonging to the Bishops and Mordinos, the latter of which tried to encroach on their territory in the West Side. The shock of losing men to superior armaments resulted in the families giving them a wide berth.[3]

It is not known what became of the Salvatores after 2281, but given the rise of the Van Graffs, Wrights, and continued influence of the Bishops, it is safe to say that Louis Salvatore's schemes for domination over New Reno did not succeed and the old gangster is long dead by 2241.[4]


The Salvatores have a very simple organization: Louis Salvatore calls all the shots and his word is law.Those who fulfill Louis' directives obediently may count on plenty of advantages and boons, including special accommodations at the Cat's Paw and New Reno Arms. Those who do not perish at the hands of Mason.[5]

This extends to Salvatores' assets as well. Renesco works for them and has to provide everything they want, as otherwise he'll be killed and replaced with a more reliable worker.[6] Even if they demand tribute more often, Renesco has to pay up.[7]

It is necessary to note that while the Salvatores appear to be the smallest New Reno family, they have an extensive network of agents and affiliates outside the city. What they may lack in numbers, they more than make up in terms of combat prowess and tenacity.[8]

Outside relations

The Salvatores mostly keep to themselves, the other families giving them a wide berth ever since the West Side Massacre.[3][9] They are very protective of their secrets and tend to kill people asking questions, especially if they concern their laser weapons.[10] Of course, the list of "crimes" warranting death is much longer and includes insulting the family, such as through cheating at cards.[11][12]

However, they are not shying away from conflict. Instead, they choose subterfuge, rather than brute force. Louis Salvatore ordered Richard Wright to be poisoned with tainted Jet, knowing that the Wrights will likely blame the Mordinos for the killing. This would lead to war between the two families, weakening them and allowing the Salvatores to seize control of New Reno.[13][6][14]

The most secret and important partner of the crime family is definitely the Enclave, supplying them with low-grade laser weapons in exchange for critical chemicals necessary to develop and manufacture FEV Curling-13.[15][16][17]


The most important technological asset the Salvatores have are their laser pistols, giving them a major edge over other New Reno families, which mostly rely on conventional firearms.[15][3][18] The Salvatores have successfully managed to obfuscate the source of the weapons from their rivals.[10]

For protection, the Salvatores wear distinctive metal armor, distinguishing them from other families while providing a level of protection from energy weapons.[19]

Behind the scenes

Cartucci was the old name for the Salvatores in New Reno. There was supposed to be a movie of them dealing with the Enclave.

Chris Avellone, Fallout Bible 8


The Salvatores appear only in Fallout 2.


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