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For Salt Lake City as it was to appear in the canceled Van Buren, see New Jerusalem.
Mentioned-only location
Salt Lake City
Part ofSalt Lake County, Utah
FactionsWhite Legs
New Canaanites (formerly)
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Salt Lake City was the the capital and the most populous city in the state of Utah.


The heart of Utah, Salt Lake City was one of the most heavily bombarded targets in the Great War. Over the span of just seven minutes, thirteen nuclear weapons hit the city, turning into a sea of fire and destruction.[1] When the fires finally died down, the city was left a smoldering ruin. A landscape of craters and scorched earth, punctuated by warped steel skeletons of highrises and mounds of bricks where buildings would normally stand.[2]

The desolate wasteland became a breeding ground for mutants and undesirables. The only safe route into the city is through Interstate 80 or New Canaan.[3] The region was known for its plague of giant mantises that covered the area like blankets,[4] but the most terrifying presence was the White Legs tribe, opportunistic raiders who knew only a parasitic lifestyle and were eventually manipulated by the Caesar's Legion to destroy New Canaan, home of the Legion's former Legate, Joshua Graham.[5][6]


Salt Lake City is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts, in Randall Clark's journal (as his family's home). Joshua Graham also wears a pre-War SLCPD (Salt Lake City Police Department) ballistic vest.[7]

Salt Lake City was also to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3.


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    FEV causes sterility in some creatures. FEV does cause sterility in super mutants and ghouls - Marcus' comment in New Reno was a joke only (and it was an inappropriate one, for which I apologize for). For other creatures, however, the FEV does not cause sterility - in fact, it may actually speed up their reproductive cycles (in tandem with potential drawbacks). Known species that can reproduce after being mutated with the FEV include most species of rats, the mantises (who are known to have bred so fast they cover the Salt Lake City area like blankets), the radscorpions, and the deathclaws. This is only a partial list.
    The deathclaws in V13 are a special case; as part of the Enclave experiments, they were bred as fighting packs for the government. They were not supposed to be able to reproduce, but they were attempting to do so at the time of Fallout 2. It is extremely likely that the Enclave scientists would not have wanted the deathclaws to breed on their own for fear of losing control of them, but that doesn't mean they would have made mistakes in engineering limiters or sterility in them.
    The wannamingos are a result of FEV virus experiments, but they are now becoming sterile. They are not aliens, but word is they were designed as FEV-tailored weapons for waging war on other countries... and they got loose. They do live a long time, but they were dying out at the time of Fallout 2. They have only been sighted in the F2 area and nowhere else in the wastelands.
    The eggs you see in Fallout 2 are the last generation of Wannamingoes to exist in the wasteland; the young Wannamingoes seen in F2 will perish in five years, and their parents a few years before that - an internal genetic clock will simply stop ticking, and they'll fall over dead. The Wannamingoes are a vicious mutant breed that had their moment in the sun, and now their sun has set.
    To put the tombstone on their extinction, the largest known nest of Wannamingoes were wiped out when the Great Wannamingo mine was reclaimed by Redding with the help of a traveling tribal. The mother was killed, and the last remaining eggs were hunted down, stepped on, and then the remains were examined by local scientists and doctors who came to the extinction conclusions mentioned above.
    Again, Wannamingoes are not aliens – they are a curious mutant or genetically-designed fighting machine that has only been able to find a home in the cold, dark places of the wastes.
    It is possible that the wannamingoes were old Enclave experiments (or even experiments from before the Great War), and if this is true, then it's likely their genetic/biological deadman's switch was purposely engineered to keep them from breeding past a certain generation.
    As a final note, this is strictly a personal decision on my part. If you want them to live for fan fiction, pen-and-paper role-playing campaign purposes, or for your own peace of mind, feel free to have some of them survive the stopping of their genetic clock – in the Black Isle universe, however, the little buggers are already dead and their irradiated shells are scattered along the floor of abandoned mines throughout northern California where they make nice crunching noises when you step on them."
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