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Salida del Sol
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Salida del Sol north
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Map MarkerSalida del Sol
SectionsCampanas del Sol
Salida del Sol north
Salida del Sol south
Salida del Sol courtyard
BuildingsSalida switching station
QuestsFires in the Sky
Trigger the Gala Event
Cell NameNVDLC01ETPlayerGala (Camp.)
NVDLC01ETNorth (north)
NVDLC01ETSouth (south)
NVDLC01ETDogGala (sw. station)
ref idxx00b0aa (campanas)
xx00b0ba (north)
xx00359f (south)
xx003589 (sw. station)
TerminalsSalida del Sol terminals
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Salida del Sol is a district within the Sierra Madre villa, in the year 2281.


Before the Great War, Salida del Sol was home for the casino staff and contains the local church.


Salida del Sol is the eastern section of the villa, and is split into Salida del Sol south, and Salida del Sol north. Traps are littered all across both areas, with many having been hidden within the Cloud. A number of ghost people inhabit the area, and will fiercely protect this territory.

Salida del Sol south

A pillared walkway leads to a central fountain, and to the north, is a gate to the Salida del Sol courtyard within Salida del Sol north. One may find a hole in a wall to the right in the pillared walkway, which leads to a room with stairs that lead up to the roof. On the roof, there is a balcony with broken railings that lead to a pool hall of sorts. Outside of this pool hall is an area choked by the Cloud, and trapped with bear traps and radios. A nearby hole in the wall serves as sanctuary, which contains two gun cabinets. Going upstairs leads to a living area with a torn journal page and an electric hot plate. A hallway to the east leads back into Salida's main street.

Heading south, there is a staircase leading up, which leads to further roof access by jumping onto the roof of an archway to get to the rooftop. Following this roof south, leads to a room containing one of Dean's secret stashes. Continuing south leads to a split path near a Sierra Madre vending machine. Going up the stairs, there is a terminal that shuts off the nearby speakers. Instead of going up the stairs, one can continue down the hallway. In the middle of the descent, on the right, is another one of Dean's secret stashes, that can be seen tucked against the wall. Continuing forward, this corridor leads to the switches that Dog/God must later pull to trigger the Gala event. To the right of this switch area, is a hall filled with the Cloud that leads to a storefront that contains a Sierra Madre vending machine. To the left of the switch area is a street where there is a radio is active, and a room that contains a automatic rifle and ammunition. Past this street is an area with two radios; two on each entrance to the street.

Going east from the original fork leads through a deadly area of the Cloud, with bear traps and active radio broadcasts. The speakers are seen above the archways above the street, and can be reached temporarily bypassed by heading into a hole in the wall shortly after the archway, which leads to another one of Dean's secret stashes within the Cloud. Continuing through the room leads to an open area where a stairway acts as the entrance of Salida del Sol north. Across the way on planks is a room containing a historical terminal.

Salida del Sol north

The northern area of Salida del Sol is entered by going through a house in Salida del Sol south. In comparison to its southern counterpart, Salida del Sol north is not as thick with the Cloud, although the area requires more traversing through ruined buildings. Active speakers, radios, and traps are still common, and the number of ghost people increases as further north.

After coming in through the house, there is a torn journal in the middle of the floor in front of the stairs. Proceeding downstairs, there is access to the main street, and to the north, is a gated corridor filled with the Cloud, along with active bear traps and speakers.

By heading east, instead, there is a corridor leading to a courtyard area with a room above containing an active radio. There are stairs that grant access to the roof, and by following the roof westward, there is a hole in the wall that can be discovered. In this room that is accessed through the hole, is the Sierra Madre casino snow globe, one of Dean's secret stashes, and five stacked up desks, which each contain a large amount of Sierra Madre chips. By instead following the rooftop east, there is a balcony leading to a room, where down the stairs in this room, is a lounge area with the vending machine code for RadAway. The street outside leads north to a pool hall, and upstairs from that is a central lobby with a single massive tree in the center.

Proceeding down the stairs from here takes one to a storefront on the left with a Sierra Madre vending machine and holographic vendor. Through the broken wall of the store leads back to the main street. If, however, one goes right from the stairs, they will come across a cafe with an active radio on the counter. Behind the counter are stairs leading up to a room with a terminal leading to a balcony. Dropping down from the balcony places the Courier in the Cloud-filled Salida del Sol courtyard. One of Dean's secret stashes can be found leaning against a nearby wall, and in the southeast corner is a skeleton next to a toolbox. A key by the skeleton unlocks the nearby gate, and leads back to the entrance to Salida del Sol north.

Going north through the Cloud near the entrance of Salida del Sol north, one will have to make it past active bear traps and the radios of the storefront and cafe (described above). Going up the stairs leads to an open area surrounded by a balcony. Going up the stairs, there is a terminal detailing construction of the villa, while going all the way up, access to the rooftops can be discovered (where there is not much to note). Through the nearby hole in the wall is a Sierra Madre vending machine, as well as another hole in the north wall that leads outside to a corridor, which further leads to a plank ramp which elevates to a room trapped with a tripwire/rebar trap. Downstairs from here is a storefront with another Sierra madre vending machine. Going upstairs from here leads to Campanas del Sol, and should one go down through the Cloud here, one of Dean's secret stashes can be discovered tucked into a nearby wall. The hallway henceforth is a roundabout leading back to Campanas del Sol, and the path continues northeast though a room with an active radio signal, with no apparent source. Straight through the corridor leads to the open area with the single massive dead tree.

Campanas del Sol

Main article: Campanas del Sol

Campanas del Sol is a separate district situated in the very north of Salida del Sol north. The villa bell tower is located here, in addition to a wine cellar and a couple of apartments. A large number of ghost people take up residence here, and will rigorously patrol the district in search for prey.

Notable loot

  • A journal is found in Salida del Sol south on the second floor of the building, south of the villa and Salida del Sol courtyard entrances on the map in a dead end section, on the very left edge of the map on the other side of the wall from the switching station. The entrance is a hole in the wall with a trip wire connected to a iron girder trap. There is a set of stairs leading up to a kitchen area with an electric hot plate. In the corner of this room is another hole in the wall, leading to a small dead end living area. The journal can be found in this living area, on a round table next to the ruined couch.
  • A stained page is in Salida del Sol south in a building identified by the first set of stairs encountered. There is graffiti at the top of these stairs that reads "Floors have teeth." Upon entering the building, the page can be found in the right corner of a counter underneath a lunchbox.
  • A Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor can be found in Salida del Sol south, in the second floor room of the building just south of the entrance to Salida del Sol north on the map. The book is on the left-hand shelf when entering the building.
  • The vending machine code for bear trap fist HD springs is in Salida del Sol south where the Courier leaves Dog/God to switch on the power. The code is lying by some pipes to the right when first entering the gated enclosure.
  • A torn journal is located in the house when first entering Salida del Sol north, by the top of the set of stairs leading down.
  • The vending machine code for RadAway can be found in Salida del Sol north behind a counter in a room with a pool table. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol south, proceed down the stairway and out to the street, and then turn to the right, go up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and cross the room, proceed down the stairway, and the code can be found near the pool table.
  • The Sierra Madre casino snow globe is located near one of Dean's secret stashes in the upper levels of Salida del Sol north. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol south (inside the house where you entered Salida del Sol north), proceed down the stairway and out to the street, and then look back for the entrance hole in the wall above. This area can be reached by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast, and following the rooftops back towards the hole.
  • There is a large stash of around 100 microfusion cells on a balcony near the southeastern most area of Salida del Sol north. The stash is located next to the top floor of a building with a pool table and a counter in it.
  • The vending machine code for Rad-X can be found in a three story house just south of the center of Salida del Sol north. The code is on the third floor, on a bookshelf next to the bed.
  • A lover's mark stash is near the center of Salida del Sol, on a roof at the end of an alley.

Related quests


Salida del Sol appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

Behind the scenes

  • In the basement area on the way to the Bell Tower, graffiti saying "I am not your mummy." is seen on a pillar in the center. This is a cultural reference to the Doctor Who episodes "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", in which a set of nanomachines infect victims of the Blitz in London, turning them into zombies who can only ask "Are you my mummy?". The infected appear to wear gas masks similar to the Hazmat suits seen on the ghost people.
  • Megan Parks handled decorating and cluttering up the interiors and static lighting.[1]