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Salesman Weekly
Salesman Weekly.png
Icon Salesman Weekly.png
Effects+10 Barter for 60s
(+20 with Comprehension)
(for 180s with Retention)
Base ID000ec4a4

Salesman Weekly is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.


A pre-war business magazine, Salesman Weekly covered all things relating to commerce. The copies found in the Mojave Wasteland advertise the article America's fastest growing small-business!"

Reading this magazine raises your Barter skill by 10 points (20 points with the Comprehension perk) for 60 seconds (180 seconds with Retention).


Closest map markerLocation description
Aerotech office parkOn the reception desk on the top of the date planner, inside Aerotech Suite 300.
Bitter SpringsOn the straw mattress bedding in the northeast shack, in the refugee camp.
Bitter SpringsInside the small, eastern tent (Gille's tent) on a table.
Broc flower caveOn the floor in front of the courier after he enters the cave, between some clutter.
Camp McCarranInside the small tent, just west of the Mess Hall tent, in the Tent City parking lot.
Casa Madrid ApartmentsUnderneath the copy of Locksmiths Reader, on the lobby table, left as you walk in.
GomorrahGomorrah Suites, in Nero's suite, on the mezzanine area, top of the corner bookcase.
GoodspringsOn the bottom shelf of the bookcase, on the left side of the General store interior.
GoodspringsGoodsprings schoolhouse, in the back on the right of the wall with the chalkboard.
GoodspringsProspector Saloon, in the small office on a crate next to the door.
Grub n' Gulp rest stopOn one of the picnic tables, just to the side (north) of the shack.
NCR Sharecropper Farms(East) gate out of the farms there is a mailbox.
NiptonNipton general store 1st floor on the wooden shelf to the right of Boxcars.
PrimmOn a table at the west end room in the Vikki and Vance Casino.
The TopsOn the 13th floor, room 1301 (first door on your right), on the dresser by the bed.
The TopsOn the 13th floor, Benny's room, on the top of the low bookcase to the right of Benny's bed.
Westside Co-opInside the co-op, on the corner of the counter near Clayton Ettienne.