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Safari Adventure
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Quest data
LocationSafari Adventure
Given ByAutomatic
Cito's Shiny Slugger
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Base ID00000000
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Safari Adventure is a quest in Nuka-World.


While heading into Safari Zone, the Sole Survivor runs into Cito, fighting off a gatorclaw. After putting the reptile in the ground, Cito asks for help. The Survivor obliges, planning to provide the park for his gangs.


  1. Head to the Safari Zone and help Cito kill the Gatorclaw.
  2. Follow him to the Primate House and talk to him to receive the first McDermot holotape. Listen to it.
  3. Talk to Cito. Follow him to the Safari Adventure Welcome Center. With a difficult persuasion check you can convince him to take Chris, his gorilla brother with him.
  4. Enter the Center and use the terminal by the elevator in the back.
  5. Talk to Cito again, about the Angry Anaconda.
  6. Head to The Angry Anaconda. Look for Hein's body in the trailer in the center. The key is in the tool case.
  7. Return to the welcome center and open the door. Head downstairs into the cloning lab.
  8. Find the central Nuka-Gen room and shut down the replicator to complete this part of the quest.
  9. The final touch is the eradication of all gatorclaws from the park. Good hunting.
  10. Return to the Primate House to meet Cito. At this point, decide: Kill Cito and his family, convince them to leave, or (with a persuasion check) have them share the park with the raiders.
  11. Finally, assign a gang to the park.