Sacred head of the Vault Dweller

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Sacred head of the Vault Dweller

The Big Head[1] is a Fallout 2 special encounter. You can "meet" him in the Wastelands near Arroyo (or NCR, maybe anywhere in the map), and he is actually a talking version of the big stone head of Vault Dweller in the Arroyo Village Center. If you talk to him and tell him you are The Chosen One, he disagrees and begins an argument back and forth that lasts 12 hours. He will then concede that you have proven yourself to be The Chosen One and give you a monument chunk as a reward.

If you happen to be a kleptomaniac, and steal from the big stone head, you'll find 4 or so more monument chunks as an award. However, you won't get very far with it, as the Vault Dweller's head dishes out a world of hurt, damaging you at many thousands HP, and killing you.


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  • Sacred head of the Vault Dweller appears in Fallout 2.


  1. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.116: "The Big Head
    You encounter a giant talking head, identical to the mute giant head in the middle of Arroyo, your home village. The head will test your resolve, as well as your patience. If you pass its tests, it'll give you a potent talisman. If you feel that you can pull the wool over its big, igneous eyes, you might try to lift a couple more talismans on your own."