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Sacking of Navarro
FNV NCR Flag.pngFo3 Enclave State Flag.png
LocationNew California
DateAfter 2246.
  • NCR victory
    • Enclave organizational capacity in the west is destroyed
    • Navarro captured by the NCR
Involved parties
FNV NCR Flag.png New California RepublicFo3 Enclave State Flag.png Enclave
FNV NCR Flag.png President TandiFo3 Enclave State Flag.png Unknown
NCR Army
NCR Rangers
Enclave soldiers
HeavyMost of Navarro
Connected events
Part of:
NCR-Enclave War
Brotherhood War
NCR-Legion War
NCR-Great Khan War
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Kiss America goodbye, boys.

Orion Moreno, as he was leaving behind Navarro.[1]

The Sacking of Navarro[2] was a battle between the forces of the New California Republic and the Enclave.[3]


Brotherhood scouting

Although the Brotherhood maintained their San Francisco outpost for years with minimal staffing, its real purpose was to watch the San Francisco area.[4][5] Only in the early months of 2241 did the Brotherhood come across the Enclave. The surprise that the Enclave was far more technologically advanced than the Brotherhood caused them to second guess contacting them directly, instead choosing to learn exactly who the Enclave were. To this end they immediately reactivated other small outposts in northern New California, such as the ones in the Den and Shady Sands. This was a wise decision, as through their intelligence gathering efforts, they discovered that the Enclave were heavy dealers in the drugs, weapons, and slave trades. All this however was only a means to an end, one which the Brotherhood was unable to ascertain.[6]

Matthew, a Brotherhood of Steel agent, sent a Brotherhood operative to scout Navarro. She never returned. Before the operative's reports stopped, she discovered that Navarro, being a relatively new base for the Enclave in 2241, received new recruits occasionally. These new recruits would regularly just walked up to security and presented themselves to the guard. This mode of infiltration is suggested by Matthew.[7]

The other information learned was that the Enclave had a significant advantage in mobility. To be specific, their Vertibirds. With this technology the Enclave was able to move deeply and swiftly into enemy territories. The Brotherhood was unable to defend themselves from this, as for years they were letting themselves decline, and completely lacked the resources to counter this new threat.[8]


The Chosen One did indeed infiltrate the base. Once inside, everyone assumed that he was a part of the Enclave. However, he wasn't wearing a service uniform, drawing the ire of Sergeant Arch Dornan, who gave the most ear-blistering rant known to man.[9] Afterward, the Chosen One dawned a suit of advanced power armor and retrieved the plans for the Vertibirds. Upon the retrieval of the plans, Matthew made a copy for himself and gave the Chosen One full access to the Brotherhood outpost.[7] The infiltration of Navarro was discovered and was traced back to the Brotherhood's San Francisco outpost, where Frank Horrigan amongst other Enclave personnel breached the facility and killed Matthew.[10]


Interested in taking the facility and capitalizing on the advanced technology, the Brotherhood was unable to do so due to a multitude of factors. From sheer technological advantage, to mobility, to materiel, and even numerical superiority, knowing full well the battle would be pyrrhic.[11] However, long before the sacking the Enclave had a fair number of deserters.[12]

Since the Enclave communication networks were pre-War technology, most links were damaged or outright destroyed during the Great War. Decades after the War they were not up to specifications, however they were still able to send all the "all-clear" signal to some Vaults, Vault 8 and Vault 13 being the notable examples.[13][14] One example that shines of the pre-War communication networks is the connection between Raven Rock and Navarro.


After the destruction of Control Station Enclave and subsequent deterioration of the Enclave command structure, the remaining personnel knew that it was only a matter of time before their positions in New California would remain untenable.[15] In 2242, the remainder of the command structure was rallied by John Henry Eden[16] and led by Autumn Senior to Raven Rock,[17] leaving Navarro lightly garrisoned. Knowing the inevitable, some of the Enclave personnel fled with their families and comrades.

The Enclave's actions in the region - terrorizing communities and kidnapping people[18] - made them known in the wastes.[19] Civilian casualties were acceptable, sometimes even encouraged among the troops.[20]While some had no need for convincing to follow these orders,[21] some were not as accepting of murder[22], and some dismissed the whole affair as questionable, moving on and doing good as individuals.[23]

Some of those whom belonged to the organization fled, though there were some who were never able to move on.[1][24] Eventually the base was overrun by NCR forces.[15]


Although nothing is known of the battle itself, the NCR is mentioned as having taken the base. The Brotherhood of Steel tracked down anyone they could who had been part of the Enclave.[3][1][25]


The NCR recovered technology from Navarro that they didn't understand, but they did recognize some symbols on them that matched ones found in the Divide. They hired a Courier to take a package to their forces there, not for one moment considering the possibility that something bad could happen. Consequently, the package delivered was an active nuclear detonator, and once in range of the launch computers, the detonator "woke up," sending detonation signals to the missiles trapped in the silos. The missiles detonated underground, causing the fault lines they were built near to shift, resulting in earthquakes and radioactive storms that the region is now infamous for. The package itself was broken into pieces and scattered in the destruction. The machines of the Divide that were not destroyed then activated programs for self repair, creating Eyebots.[2]


The Sacking of Navarro is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Lonesome Road.


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    Yup - under ideal conditions, they probably could have monitored both. But there are problems with doing it in F1 and F2:
    (F1 is kind of irrelevant, since the Enclave wasn't really an idea then. Nor were the Vaults "experiments" then either, I believe, so let's shelve the Vault Dweller issue.)
    Before we go into an annoying list, the Vaults were an experiment. The experiment is useless if you can't collect the results. Some brainiac came up with the question of "hey, is there some way of collecting the results without compromising the experiment?"
    So why didn't they track the Chosen One?
    1. The Enclave machinery, all the way down to communications, is not up to spec, at least as far as the Enclave guard's complaints in Gecko are concerned.
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    3. Reading information on the PIPBoys within the Vaults is one thing, but tracking them (while possible) is a different story. They probably could (1) if they knew what frequencies to look for, and if (2) they had bothered to read the PIPBoy specs. My feeling was that they wouldn't even have considered trying to hunt him/her down with the PIPBoy - what would a tribal be doing with a working PIPBoy? As for a Vault 13 PIPBoy, they already had all the members of V13 captured anyway, or so they thought. Plus Arroyo is many, many miles from Vault 13.
    Also, I have no idea what happened to the player's PIP Boy while it was laying at the bottom of the Temple of Trials. I doubt it was up to spec anyway. :)
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    During this time, the new President Eden has been slowly rebuilding his resources, thanks in part to the technology already available at the Raven Rock military base. Vertibirds, weapons, and robots were easy to construct, but human followers were more difficult to find. The answer was to rely on Colonel Autumn, who controls the Enclave soldier forces, as well as creating a propaganda-spewing series of Eyebots sent to roam the Wasteland, spreading hope. Eden could spout his pro-government rhetoric, and promise a return of the pre-war America of legend: a land of white picket fences, baseball, apple pie, and good, old-fashioned American global supremacy.
    President Eden's secretive plan all along has been to rule over an America of the "pure," free from any mutation. He has learned of a ridiculously ambitious experiment known as Project Purity, and knew the time to strike had come: His Enclave forces would "reclaim" the Jefferson Memorial. By controlling the purified water, Eden would control the Capital Wasteland, and the rest of the country eventually. What better way to administer modified F.E.V.- which kills anyone infected with any form of mutation-than through the water supply?"
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    (Orion Moreno's dialogue)
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