Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat

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Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat
Fo3 Brigg Lab.png
Ryan Brigg's wondermeat laboratory
Quest data
LocationJury St. tunnels
Given ByRyan Brigg
RewardMole rat wonder meat

I've finally done it! Who would have thought that the simple combination of Mole Rat Meat and Wonder Glue would have been the answer?

— Ryan Brigg

Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat is a repeatable quest in Fallout 3.


Brigg masquerades as a hostile raider in the Jury Street tunnels. However, his focus is not raiding, but science, more specifically, foodstuffs. His plan, to make mole rat meat more edible, has recently succeeded. The combination of mole rat meat and wonderglue results in the creation of mole rat wonder meat, jerky that has four times the healing potential of regular mole rat meat.

The quest is simple. Once Ryan Brigg is disposed of, the player can produce 1 piece of mole rat wonder meat from 1 piece of mole rat meat and 1 unit of wonderglue.