Runner's High

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Runner's High
F76 Runners High.png
Quest data
LocationCharleston, Charleston Herald
Editor IDMTR06_PhysicalExam
Base ID0000d783

Runner's High is a quest in Fallout 76.


The Responders tried to combat the Scorchbeasts by creating a dedicated combat unit to confront them, the Fire Breathers. However, all Fire Breathers had to first pass a fitness test before they were deemed the right fit for the unit...


  • This is an automated test started at the Charleston Herald, on the southeastern balcony on the first floor. Simply access the terminal and activate the test. The goal is to activate the button at the Charleston Capitol Building courtyard, then make it back within three minutes, giving 90 seconds per leg. The easiest way is to bypass the building portions entirely by sliding down the side of the structure, which should give enough traction to not kill the player character, then make a beeline for the Capitol to the southeast.
  • The button is just beyond the opening in the facade. There will likely be ghouls, scorched, and even a snallygaster on the way, but the player should ignore them and just make for the button. The time limit is not generous enough to accommodate combat.
  • To return and hit the button, the player should avoid the buildings against and just use the streets, then just run up the stairs from the front door of the Herald. Easier that way. Completing the test clears the physical portion of the Fire Breather recruitment.