Ruined radio tower

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Ruined radio tower
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Map MarkerRuined Radio Tower
Cell NameRuinedRadioTowerExt
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The ruined radio tower is a location on Mount Desert Island.


This ruined, yet active tower is the reason the radio signals of the Commonwealth can be broadcast across the island from Boston, 200 miles away. It was repaired by someone relatively recently.[1]


Those who can climb to the top of this hill will find a tall radio tower and a trailer at its base. The trailer holds some radio equipment, a bed, and a cooking station. Directly outside the trailer is an Advanced-locked safe.

Notable loot

  • The radioman's note is found on the console of the radio equipment inside the trailer.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum is found the fridge inside the trailer.
  • Raw sap can be extracted from the sap buckets on the trees beside the trailer.


Ruined radio tower appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.