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Ruined farmhouse
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Super-Duper Mart)
Cell NameWilderness
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The ruined farmhouse is a farm west of Washington, D.C. in Virginia. This farm is on the major road linking Springvale to the Super-Duper Mart. To the south-east of this farm, there is a water tower. The closest settlement is Megaton.


Two centuries past the Great War, after the Enclave arrive on the scene, they establish a camp at this farmhouse. The camp has a few Enclave soldiers and a scientist. This scientist is recording into a Research terminal field observations on the local wildlife. There are entries on the bloatfly, brahmin, and giant ant.


This farmstead consists of a two-story farmhouse, a windmill, and a silo. The farmhouse faces north-east towards Bethesda, Maryland. Across from the farmhouse's entrance, there is a windmill. Behind the farmhouse, there is an intact silo.


The area is largely deserted save for the occasional giant ant and the random encounters. Much later, after the quest "Waters of Life", a strong Enclave presence will be felt here.

Notable loot


Ruined farmhouse appears only in Fallout 3.