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Ruined cafe
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Part ofPuesta del Sol
Cell NameNVDLC01WTMid
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The ruined cafe is a location in Sierra Madre's Puesta del Sol South in 2281.


The ruined cafe is a safe haven from The Cloud. The ground entrance is just south-east of the western door to Puesta del Sol North.The ground floor has a café setup. There is a bar front counter behind which stands a hologram vendor and an active electric hot plate. In the back is a kitchen area and a freezer/food storage facility.

Past the bathrooms in the hall, there is a staircase leading upstairs. There is a lounge area on the left with an exit to Puesta del Sol. Further down the hall is a living room, bedroom, kitchen set up and another exit to Puesta del Sol.


The ruined cafe appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.