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Roosevelt Academy
Fo3 Roosevelt Academy.png
Icon ruins.png
Roosevelt Academy with WKML Broadcast Station in the background.
Roosevelt Academy loc.jpg
Map MarkerRoosevelt Academy
Cell NameRooseveltHighSchoolExterior (ext.)
RooseveltHS02 (tunnels)
RooseveltHS03 (A&A hall)
RooseveltHS04 (library)
ref id00001223 (ext.)
00017f3c (Tunnels)
00017f3b (A&A hall)
0003bc89 (library)
TerminalsHeadmaster's Terminal

Roosevelt Academy is a super mutant base located just south of Faded Pomp Estates and north of the MDPL Mass Relay Station raider hideout.


Before the War, this served as the primary private school for the D.C. area. After the bombs fell and the dust settled, the Vault 87 super mutants came and set up shop in the ruined buildings and surrounding areas.


Roosevelt Academy2.jpg

It consists of three main buildings: Roosevelt Academy, Roosevelt Library, and Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall. Maintenance Tunnels and Evacuation connects the three buildings via a subterranean route. The tunnels are patrolled by centaurs and super mutants. The super mutants have two captives tied up behind locked doors.

It is recommended that the player clear out the three attached buildings before releasing them, if they are to stand a chance at surviving after being rescued. There are several gas leaks throughout the complex of tunnels as well, so pay attention to where and when you are shooting. The tunnel's Library entrance is hidden underneath a trapdoor which is activated by an electrical switch on the wall.

Higher level players with Broken Steel can find super mutant overlords throughout the site. This is one of the most concentrated areas in the game concerning super mutants. Lower leveled players (under Level 10) can be easily overwhelmed in a matter of seconds.

Roosevelt Academy

The main Roosevelt Academy building houses the school's administration, classrooms, and nurse station. The main hall is accessible from the south entrance and enters directly north into a long hallway that connects the adjoining classrooms like a spine. The building has three levels and plenty of more or less intact rooms to explore.

Notable loot

Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall

The Hall centers around a large performance hall, where disused, decaying sets still litter the scene after two centuries. Two corridors run the length of the building on opposite ends, terminating in supply and boiler rooms. The top floor is accessed through a stairwell, and offers a large locker room for looting.

Notable loot

  • Pre-War book in northern room on the ground floor.
  • Sheet music book on the stage near the music stands.
  • One of the five pairs of sunglasses in the vanilla version of the game is in the ladies' bathroom on a hand dryer.
  • Tumblers Today on the third floor, in a room adjacent to the locker room on a desk with two ammunition boxes.


The smallest building, the only surviving part is the entrance hall. The rest of the building is buried under tons of rubble.

Notable loot

Maintenance Tunnels and Evacuation

A maze of tunnels connects all three buildings together. Generally, the entrances are located at the bottom ends of stairwells.

Notable loot

  • There is a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a shelf in a room just east of the sloping sewer tunnel (with radioactive barrels to the north) that leads to Roosevelt Library. Just behind an easy locked door if coming from the library entrance to the tunnels.


  • The academy seems to have a large amount of train wreckage littering the outside.
  • In the Roosevelt Academy building, there is a protectron unit which may be activated by a terminal in the headmaster's office. The protectron, "Dean Dewey", will ask the player to present a hall pass. The player will then be attacked, although this can be avoided with the Robotics Expert perk or Child at Heart perk. He will also escort "special" characters (that is, those with Intelligence below 3) to a special education room.
  • In the Arts and Athletics Hall there is a unique miniature city building on the stage, possibly for a play.
  • East of Roosevelt Academy the unique hostile raider A Wanderer may be found near his camp. He possesses the unique Wanderer's leather armor and his camp nearby has a mini nuke, a pre-War book, and two ammunition boxes.
  • There is a massive amount of items for creating custom weapons in all three buildings.
  • The sheet music book may be located on the roof of the small fake building to the right (closest to the music stands).
  • There is a surprisingly large number of baseball bats in the academy.
  • In the underground tunnels there are a number of child sized skeletons indicating that some sort of evacuation or attempt to take shelter was made.


Roosevelt Academy appears only in Fallout 3. There's also a mention of it in Fallout: New Vegas in the form of a bumper sticker found on ED-E that reads, "My child is an Honor Student at Roosevelt Academy."

Behind the scenes

  • The academy is probably named after Roosevelt High School, which is a real life school outside of Washington, D.C. in Maryland. It is actually named after Eleanor Roosevelt rather than the two presidents Theodore or Franklin. Dean Dewey, the Academy's protectron, refers to the school as Roosevelt High School when activated at the Headmaster's terminal.
  • The name Dewey is likely a reference to Franklin Roosevelt's 1944 Republican opponent, Thomas E. Dewey.
  • The large number of cherry bombs found in the restrooms is likely a reference to the classic prank of flushing fireworks down toilets to create sewage water explosions.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png As you enter the Maintenance and Evacuation Tunnel from the Roosevelt Academy, you may notice a random explosion go off near a group of radioactive barrels. This is caused by a grenade bouquet that is set off by a bunch of objects set on the floor that twitch and knock a precariously placed radioactive barrel into the bouquet. You can dodge this by not bumping anything until you disarm the bouquet.
  • There are a number of ruined school desks and one locker in the academy that do not say 'empty' even when everything has been taken out of them.