Roof Climber's Poem

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Roof Climber's Poem
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Roof Climber's Poem is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • 1/3 images showing the path to get to the rooftop.
    2/3 images showing the path to get to the rooftop.
    Morgantown: The note is on the rooftop of the large red brick building northeast of the highway street camp. To reach it, jump onto the garden hose wheel attached to the side of garage wall of the house with the Christmas decorations and then jump onto the roof of the parking garage. Head to the fire escape, climb to the job, and go to the edge, where a wooden plank extends over the side. Turn to your left and shimmy onto the makeshift walkway. Climb up the cinder blocks, onto the roof, and then over to the note.



  Come here all day
  Hide from noise
  Watch from here
  Little joys

  Only climb
  Stealing time
  Hide away
  No time to pray
  I feel wind
  I see birds
  Brain won't mend
  Just write words

  Want to jump
  I get scared
  Just sit each time
  I like to rhyme

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