Rogue Robot

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Rogue Robot
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Quest data
Given ByIsabel Cruz
RewardVariable XP
Editor ID?
Base ID00000000
Related quests
Restoring Order
leads to:

Rogue Robot is a repeatable quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


Although Isabel Cruz (a.k.a. The Mechanist) was convinced to stand down, some her robots are still terrorizing the Commonwealth and need to be neutralized before they bring more harm.


  1. Talk to Isabel Cruz in the Mechanist's Lair about any rogue robots she has detected.
  2. Travel to the location she designates, which will change every time she detects other rogue robots.
  3. Destroy the robot(s) in that location.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Destroy the rogue robot Isabel has located more of her rogue robots.
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