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Part ofMaryland

Rockville was a city in Maryland. It is approximately 10–15 miles to the northwest of the Washington, D.C. border. It is located between Washington, D.C. and Germantown, although no trace can be found of Rockville.


Martha Wilson claims that Andale has beaten Rockville every single year since the war in the "City of the Year" contest. Rockville is home to the company "Ornate Obelisks".[1]



Rockville is mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Bethesda Softworks is currently headquartered in Rockville, after moving from Bethesda.


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    Linda Smith: "Well... I don't right know. But we're the best one, isn't that what matters? I mean, we're the winners. Us. Not Springfield. Not Rockville. Us. So, like I was saying, welcome to Andale. What can the Smith family do for you?"
    (Linda Smith's dialogue)