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For the Fallout 3 custom built weapon, see Rock-It Launcher. For the overview of Missile launchers, see Missile launcher.
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A rocket launcher is a shoulder-fired missile weapon that fires unguided explosive projectiles. The projectile nature distinguishes it from missile launchers, which fire a projectile with some onboard guidance.


Rockwell BigBazooka

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Manufactured by Rockwell, the BigBazooka is a shoulder-fired anti-tank and anti-armor missile weapon, firing an unguided, fin-stabilized rocket. It is a classic design, with the rocket loaded into a reusable launching tube with a shock absorber and launched using a deluxe 3 pound trigger and tracker mounted on the tube. It is a line of sight weapon, requiring the operator to manually acquire and fire the weapon.[1]

Red Glare

Gameplay article:

Produced in limited quantities for trials and evaluation at the Hopeville and Ashton ballistic missile complex, the Red Glare was designed to embody the shock-and-awe doctrine. Rather than using bulky unguided missiles, the weapon was designed to use miniaturized explosive rockets, loaded in canisters of thirteen. The canisters were designed to be portable and easy to carry, for easy reloading.

This was necessary, as the Red Glare was a fully automatic rocket launcher, capable of expending its entire canister downrange in just a few seconds, allowing for saturation bombing. To maintain accuracy, the tracker module allows for image magnification and enhancement, for more accurate long range engagements. Finally, it was designed to be portable: When not in use, it will collapse its components down, reducing its dimensions by over 30%.

Home-made rocket launcher

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A weapon put together from scrap and salvage. Not the wisest of choices.

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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 design document#Page 17

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