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This page is about the custom built weapon in Fallout 3. For an overview of rocket launcher models in the Fallout series of games, see rocket launcher. For the Fallout 3 rocket launcher equivalent, see missile launcher (Fallout 3).
Rock-It Launcher
Rock-It Launcher.png
Rock-It Launcher icon.png
SkillBig Guns
Attack statistics
50 (57.5)
166.7 (191.7)
DPS (reload)
31.2 (35.9)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
Ammo & reloading
Ammo TypeRock-It Launcher ammunition
Ammo Cap.1
Reload Time
Item HP300
Rock-It Launcher
Editor ID?
Base ID0000434b
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)

The Rock-It Launcher is a big gun in Fallout 3.


A custom weapon, the "Rock-It Launcher" is a vacuum projectile weapon, built from a Mister Chipper brand leaf blower, a firehose nozzle, a Deluxe brand vacuum cleaner, and an electrical conductor.

The leaf blower is utilized as the action of the weapon, the firehose nozzle as the barrel, the vacuum cleaner as the power source, with its hose reaching from the vacuum cleaner carried on the back to the action, and the electrical conductor allows the flow of electrical current in between the leaf blower and vacuum cleaner.

The projectiles are deposited within the action while the vacuum cleaner builds up air pressure. When the trigger is pulled, the weapon fires the projectile out of the barrel.

The Rock-It Launcher allows you to shoot Rock-It Launcher ammunition, a wide variety of items from tin cans to teddy bears, Given the rate of fire (3.3/s) and high action point cost (32) it may be important to aim freehand more often. The way that objects would be placed on a shelf is the way they fly from the gun. Silverware and tools will be shot horizontally, while empty Nuka-Cola bottles and empty soda bottles, which are placed on a shelf upright, on end, will be shot that way from the gun. Most ammunition is not weightless and nearly any piece of junk can be used as ammunition. Ammunition can also be recovered and reused after a fight.

Once a piece of junk is loaded into the rock-it launcher, it loses the vast majority of its physical properties; all projectiles are fired at the same average speed, deal the same average damage, and arc in the same way, regardless of weight or shape. Sharp or suctiony objects will not stick into walls or targets, fragile things like bottles or glasses will not shatter, etc. However, the individual shape of a projectile is retained, meaning a pool ball or glass might roll after landing, while a cutting board or clipboard will likely land flatly.

The Rock-It Launcher can shoot 599 objects before breaking.


1 Rock-It Launcher


The Rock-It Launcher does not exist in the Capital outside of crafting it.


  • Non-player characters and companions cannot use the Rock-It Launcher.
  • You can shoot some objects that are considerably larger than the diameter of the firehose nozzle 'barrel' should allow - including other firehose nozzles, motorcycle gas tanks, and basketballs.
  • If you break a Rock-It Launcher and still have ammunition loaded into it, the ammunition will remain in the weapon and count against your carry weight. Dropping the launcher and picking it back up will return all of the objects to your regular inventory.
  • You can hear the vacuum turn on and off as you draw and holster the gun.
  • Pencils, which are weightless, cannot be used as ammunition.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png You sometimes cannot use the schematics or even view them, even with all components in your inventory.