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Robotics disposal ground
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Map MarkerRobotics Disposal Ground
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Safely disposing of your robotic waste since 2053

The Robotics Disposal Site East 09B, simply called robotics disposal ground in the game, is a pre-War robotics junkyard in the Commonwealth.


This junkyard received substantial shipments of derelict vehicles and defective robots before the Great War.[1] The incoming amount of robots was especially high due to several factory errors, including shipments of protectrons with only their torsos, eyebots that had no visual sensors, and mentally-deficient robobrains.[2][3] As of 2287 the combat sentry prototype MkIV – and rusting vehicle hunks – are all that remain. It is by far the most dangerous item in this generally dangerous, tetanus-filled area. In fact, its history is a lot shadowier - on October 15, 2077, a group of men in all black dropped the sentry bot off at the lot together with a military brand trunk and a mysterious holotape.[4] The crew was understandably spooked and refused to look at it, fearing for their careers.[5]


The area is a simple, with an enclosed lot with a concrete building for the watchman and plenty of wreckage outside – plus a derelict sentry bot. The concrete building also contains a weapons workbench.

Notable loot

  • The Flame Job! edition of Hot Rodder Magazine is on the metal shelving in the watchman's building.
  • There is a fusion core inside the military branded trunk.
  • There is a Fat Man on a car trunk just behind the sentry bot MKIV prototype.
  • A Mini nuke is found on the ground between the "keep out" sign and the pile of tires at the junkyard's entrance. However, it may be completely inaccessible. You can try to bump into it while crouching to release it from beneath the pile of tires (Xbox One).


The robotics disposal ground appears only in Fallout 4.


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