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Robotics Pioneer Park
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Map MarkerRobotics Pioneer Park
Cell NameRoboticsPioneerParkExt
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TerminalsPark Protectron Control Terminal

Robotics Pioneer Park is a pre-War memorial park in the Commonwealth.


Built in remembrance of a General Atomics International roboticist, this park is long forgotten. The mildly radioactive landscape is now home to feral ghouls and a deathclaw.[1]

The park was a target for a scrapping mission by the Rust Devils, who planned to take the four Protectrons located there. The Rust Devils were beat to their target, however, by robots constructed by the Mechanist. The commotion woke the deathclaw that was sleeping there, ultimately leaving three Rust Devils dead and two of their robots destroyed. After the battle the Rust Devils captured one of the Mechanist's robobrains, Jezebel, and used the deathclaw's skull in the construction of their sentry bot Ahab.[2]


The park is built around a central pond and tree; the east side has the memorial plaque, picnic areas, and a playground; the south banks host two cabins. The eastern cabin shows off several utility Protectrons, while the western is home to the deathclaw.


Robotics Pioneer Park appears only in Fallout 4.


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    A prewar memorial park built in honor of a roboticist of General Atomics International. Beware of Feral Ghouls. Of the two remaining cabins, one has a rear wall missing and a Deathclaw to face. The other has a Park Protectron Control Terminal (Novice) to hack, after which the four Protectron types can be activated. Don’t leave without inspecting the cabin west of the podium for a trunk."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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