Robert Yemelin

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Mentioned-only character
Robert Yemelin
Biography and appearance
AffiliationCommonwealth of Massachusetts
RoleTreasurer and Receiver-General of Massachusetts
FamilySusan M. (baue)
Mentioned inFallout 4

Robert Yemelin was the Treasurer and Receiver-General of Massachusetts in 2077.


Officially, it was his job as Treasurer to oversee the various state offices, boards, and trusts.[1] In reality however there was routine fraud and collusion with the finances. Every year he filed the financial reports for the previous year and they would be altered before being released to public record.[2] This was the major factor in him planning to leave early 2078, intentional leaving behind an archived set of personal notes.[3]

The other and less pressing factors were the abhorrent conditions of the building and the torrid love triangle involving himself, Susan M. and T. Daniels. The former being so bad that he contemplated leaving early,[4] and the latter frustrating and disappointing him.

While T. Daniels put on the appearance of a thoughtful coworker, such as helping set up an office birthday party for Robert,[5] in reality his was a selfish drunkard.[6] Such as the case when, despite Yemelin informing Daniels of his intentions, Daniels would take her out to dinner. In an effort to spend more time with her, Yemelin tried to separate the two by inviting her to a baseball game and not taking Daniels.[7] This however didn't work, as she chose a previous dentist appointment over the game.[8]


Robert Yemelin is mentioned only in Fallout 4.