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RobCo facility
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Main building
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Map MarkerRobCo Facility
QuestsThe Wasteland Survival Guide
Cell NameRobcoProductionFacilityExterior (exterior)
RobcoFactory01 (factory floor)
RobcoFactory02 (off. and cafeteria)
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00017f64 (factory floor)
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TerminalsRobCo Production Mainframe

The RobCo facility is a factory owned by RobCo Industries. It is located slightly northeast of Tenpenny Tower and south west of Fort Independence. The many protectrons scattered across the D.C. area were once manufactured here.


Close to Tenpenny Tower is a sprawling factory where the RobCo Company used to produce the nation’s finest automatons for domestic and military use.[1]


Tinker Joe can be found in the parking lot outside the facility along with his robots, including potential non-player character companion Sergeant RL-3. The parking lot is also a random encounter location.

Inhabitants include mole rats, radroaches and protectrons. There are a number of unused protectrons which remain in their charging stations and a few Nuka-Cola vending machines on the various levels.


RobCo factory floor

The first room that you walk into has five protectrons on display in various positions. Two of which will be more specialized and in the spotlights; one being a Nuka-Cola protectron and the other will be a military-issued protectron. The other three are standard protectrons. Two rooms on the left are restrooms. To the northwest there's a small room with two storage closets with minor loot and ammunition. To the right of the entrance two paths. The left path going to a room with a few lockers and shelves that then leads to a larger room which seems to be a small part of the assembly line for the robots. To the right of where you enter the room is a much smaller room with a workbench. After this room are some stairs that lead to overlooking the previous large room. The right path is simply a flight of winding stairs that also lead to overlooking the large room.

Offices and cafeteria

When you enter this room there will be two pool tables, and the right one having a couch on it. There are two Nuka-Cola fridges, and one refrigerator to the right. If you go left from this room there will be a long hallway. As you're going through the hallway there should be a mannequin, there are three ammunition boxes there. A little further there's a gate that isn't locked with a leaf blower and two lawn mower blades. Right before the hallway ends there is a room to the left. In there is a first aid box and not much else. If you go straight from the first room then you'll see a small cafeteria with four tables on the right. To the left is the counter. In that room there's a first aid box and some refrigerators two ovens and two lockers. Continuing from this room you can go straight or turn left. To the left and another left there is a small room where the first hallway ended and past that there is another room minor caps and loot. Turning left and then going straight you go upstairs, but I'll cover a little later. If you right of the original room then there will be a short hallway with restrooms on either side. Past that there is the office with four office spaces with minor loot. From there there's a hallway with three rooms on the sides. The first looks like an office/storage. The second room is a larger office with four desks and file cabinets. The last room is again an office/storage with several boxes and a first aid box. Now continuing upstairs it makes like a trident pattern. The left path there's a storage closet and past that is a small monitor room with two lockers. The right path is the same but a bit more destroyed. The storage closet is caved in and the monitor room messed up. Lastly, continuing straight from the stairs is the main computer room for the whole building. There's a first aid box and a pre-War book in there.

Notable loot

Factory floor

  • Lying, Congressional Style, on reception desk at the back of the foyer where you enter. There is a pre-War book on the bookshelf behind this desk.
  • Big Books of Science, by the protectron Pod area to northeast, on console. There is a pre-War book nearby.
  • Stealth Boy - on a desk next to a steam gauge assembly in the easternmost room. If you go straight whwen entering the facility, you will enter the office by headings straight. Its on the middle desk to the left.
  • 2 Pre-War books - The first is found on one of the shelves behind the welcome desk. The other one is in the next room to the left and then turn right. It's on one of the computers

Offices and cafeteria

  • Nikola Tesla and You - After entering Offices and Cafeteria from the RobCo factory floor, go right, head straight (past the washrooms) and look on the desk in the third cubicle on the right.
  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine - Offices and Cafeteria first floor, southernmost room, left before the stairs going up. On a desk in the most north west cubicle, next to a Jet and a first aid box. A Stealth Boy is also in this room on the desk in the middle of the room next to the protectron Pod.
  • Pre-war book - in the mainframe room.
  • 3 Stealth Boys - 1 on a desk in an office cubicle in the room at the back where the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine is, 1 in the mainframe room, and 1 on a bookshelf in the room where Nikola Tesla and You is found.

Related quest


  • When entering the facility, turn right, then left; inside the room there are two wooden shelves with six ammunition boxes. In two of the crates, there is a good chance to find two Stealth Boys.
  • As soon as you enter the facility, you will notice two restrooms on your left. In the restroom closest to the main entrance, you will find a broken protectron seated on the toilet in the stall in the far left corner of the room.
  • Similarly, in the same restroom of the broken protectron, there is a skeleton with a camera and 3 pre-War money looking under the stalls in the alcove between the door and the wall.
  • When placing mines near inactive protectron storage cell, if protectron is still inside and the mines touches the outside wall it will detonate immediately.


RobCo Facility appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • One of the notes on the computer ends with "the infection has been removed...the soul of this machine has improved." and is signed B. Bell. This is in reference to the song "Archetype" by Fear Factory, whose lead singer is Burton C. Bell and the chorus of the song contains the lyric "the infection has been removed, the soul of this machine has improved".


  • All protectrons destroyed inside the area with the mainframe can be looted twice, once the first time you enter the area, and when you have attached the device to the mainframe all protectrons can be looted again. (this does not count for the protectrons on the factory floor)
  • There are numerous "Garage Doors" you can open (look like Food Dispensers, but bigger), but nothing actually happens. They register as open and closed, and can be activated to toggle between the two - but there is no accompanying animation, sound, or passage to go through. With some tricky jumping, the ones on the walls can do the same.
  • The mainframe processor can be activated and hacked from behind. This will keep you hidden from the robot that activates in the mainframe room.
  • If, for some reason you decided to hit some of the deactivated protectrons while you were looting them, causing their corpse to gib, when you reactivate them their parts will try to ineffectively join back to them resulting in strange one legged or headless protectrons roaming the halls. This has no effect on game play and the bulk of the protectrons move normally despite the lack of a walk animation. This also has the problem of their arms being stuck in the roof so they are unable to shoot their target.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Immediately after entering the door to the cafeteria area from the factory floor, you'll notice, in the pod to the left, that the protectron's arms slowly move down to its sides, even though it's supposed to be deactivated.
  • Many of the radroaches tend to get stuck in the walls and the piles of waste on the ground.
  • The game may crash when selecting the "Stress Testing" option in the mainframe computer. Be sure to save the game before using the mainframe.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png On the 2nd floor of the cafeteria level, if you go left once you go up the stairs there is a small room with a locked footlocker in it. At the back of the room is a set of fallen shelves and a metal box. It is possible to get stuck if you jump over the shelves to reach the box.



  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p. 377: "Close to Tenpenny Tower is a sprawling factory where the RobCo Company used to produce the nation’s finest automatons for domestic and military use. The facility remains intact, and the surrounding exterior is actually rather safe. There's only one entrance."