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Rivet City science lab
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Part ofRivet City
OwnersDr. Madison Li
QuestsFollowing in His Footsteps
Scientific Pursuits
The Waters of Life
The Replicated Man
Cell NameRCHangarDeckAft
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The Rivet City science lab is the laboratory of Rivet City and working place of Dr. Madison Li and her team.


Rivet City's science lab has been a facet of the city ever since the Naval Research Institute established themselves on the beached aircraft carrier. As of late, Dr. Li has been leading her team in the research of portable fusion power and hydroponics technology. So far, they have had limited success by purifying just enough water grow limited amounts of crops, like apples, carrots, pears, and potatoes, but still lack the infrastructure to replicate these results on a large scale.[1] Their research on portable fusion power was later used by the Brotherhood of Steel to remedy the energy management problems experienced by Liberty Prime, enabling the Brotherhood to overcome the Enclave and recapture Project Purity.[2]


The science lab spans two decks, organized in the aft bay that already contained some scientific abilities. The center part of the area contains the hydroponics and purification center, together with the bounty of fruit and vegetables the science team grows to sustain the city's population and provide it with trading goods.


Notable loot

  • The Intelligence Vault-Tec bobblehead is on a table in the center next to some purified fruits and vegetables.
  • A small supply of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found on tables around the lab, which results in karma loss if stolen.

Related quests


  • Janice can be seen eating the food on the table sometimes.


The Rivet City science lab appears only in Fallout 3.


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  2. The Lone Wanderer: "How is Liberty Prime holding up?"
    Reginald Rothchild: "Performance is exceeding all our expectations. He's been especially effective against the Enclave's Vertibirds, for which we previously had no counter. We're fine-tuning his programming as we go, but on the whole I'm pleasantly surprised. It's as I always suspected. Prime's real issue was energy management, and when Doctor Li helped us solve that problem, well, the rest was easy."
    (Reginald Rothchild's dialogue)