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Riverside Manor
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Part ofThe Forest
FactionsOrder of Mysteries
  • Scorched
  • Other
    QuestsInto the Mystery
    Initiate of Mysteries
    Novice of Mysteries
    Seeker of Mysteries
  • Wealthy location
  • House type location
  • Dungeon
  • Clearable
  • Dungeon
  • The Forest location
  • Large loot scale
  • Fast travel destination
  • Wealthy theme
  • Interior cell
  • TerminalsRiverside Manor terminals

    Riverside Manor is a location in Fallout 76.


    Main article: Order of Mysteries

    The imposing mansion that belonged to the Rivers family is now, apparently, a shell of its former splendor, although it has weathered the passage of time remarkably well. However, there's more to it than just the fading grandeur of Appalachia's old money. Beneath the mansion stretches a high-tech facility constructed by Frederick Rivers and dedicated to his wife, Shannon Rivers. Originally intended as an impossibly grand gesture to help her prepare for the role of the Mistress of Mystery on the small screen, it became a shelter and refuge for the Order of Mysteries, an organization inspired by the exploits of Hubris Comics' main heroine and focusing on bringing hope to Appalachia...[1]

    Points of interest

    • The mansion is in remarkably good state, offering plenty of opportunities for exploration. It has two main floors plus the roof. The ground floor centers around the grand hall, with the portrait of Shannon Rivers as the mistress hanging by the main staircase. To the west lies the dining room and beyond it the kitchen and the lounge/game room, combined into one by the collapsing walls and balcony. In the eastern part lies the parlor room (more on that below), with the library and the spiral staircase connecting to the upper floor. There's a magazine spawn point in the library and the storage room by the back entrance on the southern face of the floor.
    • The upper floor is less preserved. The western part, overlooking the main lounge, contains the guest bedroom (with two magazine spawns, a bobblehead spawn, and a terminal), the study (with Shannon Rivers' terminal; one of the entries describes the facility below, unlocking access to it). In the eastern part is the master bedroom, with the adjacent bathroom containing the location's steamer trunk and a locked safe. There's also a bobblehead spawn in the bedroom. At the far east end of the area is a burned-out part of the mansion, destroyed in the years following the Great War.
    • The Order of Mysteries facility is accessed through the parlor room. To open it, the player needs the worn veil (found on dead women with a black dress and two green chevrons on it; there are twenty of them and the closest is in the wine cellar of the Hornwright Summer Villa). After reading the entry on the study terminal describing the facility, the folding screen on the left corner of the parlor will pull back and reveal a corridor leading downstairs. Past the laser beams and the fake wall is the Order facility.
    • The facility is centered around the Cryptos mainframe in its heart, which is used to obtain promotions and advance the quest. There are two main floors to the facility. The upper floor contains the infirmary on the north side, with a chemistry station, terminal, and a locked safe, the council chamber with a terminal on the southern side, and the Headmistress' office in the western corner. The headmistress' office requires Mistress-level access, which requires completing Seeker of Mysteries.
    • The lower floor contains the production wing on the south side, together with the fabricator terminal (used to manufacture Mistress gear) and three crafting stations (armor, weapons, tinker's). On the west side is the hall of trials (defunct), with a dressing room next to it. On the northern side is the depository (storage room). The long corridor to the northwest leads to a chamber with several Pulowski Preservation Shelters, to act as a nuclear fallout bunker, just in case.

    Notable loot

    Holotapes and notes
    Potential bobbleheads
    • On top of the tall dresser, along the west wall of the corner bedroom, second floor (interior).
    • In the bureau outside the master bedroom, second floor (interior).
    Potential magazines
    • Vertical, between the washing machine and suitcase, in the small laundry room close to the south exit onto the back porch (interior).
    • Bottom left, lowest bookcase shelf, in the northeast corner of the library, next to the dark red leather sofa, with an upturned coffee table in front of it (interior).
    • In the open green footlocker at the foot of the bed in the corner bedroom, second floor (interior).
    • On the wooden desk, by the guest room terminal, in the northwest corner of the upstairs dormitory (interior).
    Dynamic spawns


    Riverside Manor appears in Fallout 76.


    1. See Order of Mysteries for details.