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Fallout.223 pistol
Colt 6520 10mm auto pistol
Fallout 2.223 pistol
Colt 6520 10mm auto pistol
Smith & Wesson M29
Fallout 3.32 pistol
Scoped .44 Magnum
Fallout 4.44 pistol
Pipe revolver pistol
Fallout 4: NWWestern revolver
FO: New Vegas.357 Magnum revolver
.44 Magnum revolver
Hunting revolver
That Gun
Dead MoneyPolice pistol
Gun Runners' Arsenal5.56mm pistol
Hunting revolver (GRA)
Fallout 76.44 pistol
Pipe revolver pistol
Single-action revolver
Western Revolver
Van Buren.44 revolver
FO Tactics44 M29 revolver
Casull revolver
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A revolver is a repeating firearm that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers and at least one barrel for firing.


.223 pistol

Fo1 .223 Pistol.png
Gameplay articles:

The original .223 pistol that became one of the iconic weapons of New California, was originally a full sized .223 revolving rifle, belonging to Irwin, a farmer outside of the Hub. He cut his rifle down to the size of a large pistol, leaving the bolt handle and the original, vestigial trigger intact.[1] This unique weapon offered firepower comparable to a hunting rifle in the compact package of a pistol. Five rounds of .223 ammunition were more than enough to deal with most dangers out in the wastes.[2]

Modified .223/5.56mm pistol

Gameplay article:

This iconic sidearm caught the eye of gunsmiths and by 2241, and the pistol was deemed profitable for mass production.[3] Vestigial elements were shed to smooth the weapons' profile, and to help further improve performance. The internal mechanisms are retained from the original .223 revolving rifle, modified as needed to create a powerful double-action revolver.[4]

.32 pistol

32snub v2.png
Gameplay article:
Main article: .32 pistol

A Smith & Wesson .32 Double Action revolver is a small, concealable sidearm whose origins date back to the late 19th century. This break-top revolver is chambered in .32 caliber short, making it woefully underpowered against most threats lurking in the wasteland.

Single-action revolver

357 magnum revolver.png
Gameplay articles:

One of the most recognizable creations of the American firearm industry, the .357 Magnum revolver dates back to the 19th century, when the United States military was looking for a new service revolver. The success of the design left to its widespread adoption by public and private buyers, eventually becoming a symbol of American conquest of the so-called Wild West. The rugged design that has stood the test of time against contemporary pistols has made it a popular choice in some corners of the wasteland.[5] Functionally, the single-action revolver is exactly what it says on the tin, a single-action, fixed-cylinder revolver. It's highly reliable and fires a powerful round, though its antiquated design requires it to be loaded one bullet at a time, through a loading gate located next to the cylinder. An all around great weapon for beginners, but it's quickly replaced by better pistols. The revolver comes in stainless steel or blued nickel finish with either a bone or cherry wood grip and can even be modified by the user for a custom fit.

From a design perspective, the revolver is essentially a refined version of earlier percussion and cartridge revolvers. The centrally mounted cylinder carries six rounds, fired down a lengthy barrel. Elevated high above the grip, the positioning reduces recoil and improves aiming ability. The one peculiarity of the design is that there is no real safety beyond a safety notch that could be easily damaged and disabled by a sharp blow, causing the weapon to discharge. Pre-War users would usually leave one chamber unloaded for this purpose. Post-War, that round means the difference between life and death.[6]

The Single Action was available in multiple calibers, including .357 and .44 Magnum.[7]

Smith & Wesson M29

Fo2 .44 Magnum Revolver.png
Gameplay articles:

The Smith & Wesson Model 29 is a six-shot, double-action revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge, manufactured since 1955. This large frame revolver offers excellent accuracy, firepower, and reliability. Multiple models remain available and quite popular in the wastelands, from the shortened 4 1/2 inch variant to the full size, high end monsters with scopes.[8] By default, the revolvers come with tritium illuminated sights.[9]

Scoped .44 Magnum

Gameplay article:

The scoped .44 Magnum is a very high-powered pistol. It has a very long effective range, which is further extended by the scope, but also has a low rate of fire for a double-action revolver.

.44 Magnum

Gameplay articles:

The .44 Magnum revolver is a double action, swing-out cylinder revolver. Additionally, the .44 Magnum reloads faster, due to its speed-loader. It has glowing tritium sights. The .44 Magnum revolver is a very durable weapon that can also be concealed.

.44 Pistol

Fo4 44 Pistol.png
Gameplay articles:

The .44 Pistol (despite its name) is a single-action revolver. The .44 pistol can be modified anyway the user wants it. Additionally, the .44 pistol reloads faster, due to its speed-loader.

Casull revolver

Tactics casull revolver.png
Gameplay article:
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

This pistol has a slightly higher damage compared to the Colt .45 found earlier, and wipes the floor with all of the 9mm handguns. It has a lower ammunition capacity and a lower range than the .45, but most targets won't take more than 6 shots at close range to drop. Eventually, though, you'll want to switch to either a Desert Eagle or a .44 revolver, if only for the adaptability and abundance of .44 ammunition.

Colt 6520 10mm

Fo1 10mm Pistol.png
Gameplay articles:

The Colt 6520 10mm autoloading pistol is a highly durable and efficient weapon developed by Colt Firearms prior to the Great War.[10] It proved to be resistant to the desert-like conditions of the post-nuclear wasteland and is a fine example of workmanship and quality construction (at least for the pre-War models, which became more scarce over time). The simple design of the gun allows it to be easily manufactured with relatively basic equipment, making it possible to be replicated in workshops in the post-nuclear world. The Colt 6520's durability, reliability, and simple design makes it very popular among wasteland denizens, for whom sophisticated high maintenance weapons would be a liability to survival.[11]

Hunting revolver


The hunting revolver is a large, double-action revolver that fires .45-70 Gov't ammunition. It does significantly more damage in comparison to the .44 magnum revolver and comes with a scope as standard, versus requiring a modification as with the .44 magnum. The hunting revolver scope also offers more powerful magnification at 2.46x, compared to the 1.86x magnification for the .44 magnum scope.

Pipe revolver pistol

Fo4 Pipe Revolver.png
Gameplay articles:

Like other pipe weapons, pipe revolvers are crude, makeshift weapons manufactured by resourceful smiths from before the Great War in gangland Detroit.[12] The pipe revolver has found continued use more than 200 years in areas such as the Commonwealth due to ease of crafting from abundant rusted piping and corroded wood. While the pipe revolver is easy to make, wielding one is not the case. The pipe revolver is single-action and requires the hammer to be pulled back before each shot, and recoil from each shot is near unwieldy due to the lightness of the revolver the rounds it fires, from .38 to as large as .308. However, reloading is fast as the use of a speedloader enables the user to reload in a couple seconds.

Police pistol

Gameplay article:

The police pistol is a double-action .357 revolver with a swing-out cylinder similar to that of a .44 magnum revolver instead of a loading gate like the .357 magnum revolver. Though it is a double-action, it is fired by the Courier in single-action form with the hammer being cocked back after each shot to increase accuracy.[13] In comparison to the .357 magnum, it features a shorter barrel and a worn matte black finish. It also lacks rear sights and has a shorter hammer with a flat, textured spur.

Ranger Sequoia

Gameplay article:

This large, double-action revolver is a rare scopeless variant of the hunting revolver, and is used exclusively by the New California Republic Rangers. It is carried only by veteran rangers after 20 years of service. The weapon has a dark finish and has intricate gold engravings all along the main action itself as well as a golden hammer, trigger and sights. The barrel is engraved with the phrases, "For Honorable Service" on the right and "Against All Tyrants" on the left. The red wooden grip is inlaid with the standing bear and star, the insignia of the Rangers, and has a brass plate attached to the bottom which reads "20 Years".

Western Revolver

Gameplay articles:

A single-action revolver chambered in .44 caliber used in Nuka-World's Dry Rock Gulch theme park attraction. Nickle plated and with a pale, worn wood grip for authenticity, the revolver was used to allow park guests to duel One-Eyed Ike. Despite being handed to park guests for participating in park attractions, the western revolver is a serious weapon, outclassing the more commonplace .44 pistol. Reloading is also similar to the .44 pistol, with the cylinder swinging out to eject all spent rounds and a speedloader being used quick reload a full cylinder.

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