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Quest data
LocationFort Hagen
Cambridge police department
Given ByThe Prydwen's arrival to the Commonwealth
Editor IDBoS000
Base ID001826bf
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leads to:
Fire Support

Reveille is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Still recovering from their fresh encounter with Kellogg, the Sole Survivor is given no respite, as upon exiting Fort Hagen, a giant dirigible is seen flying overhead, and announcing the Brotherhood of Steel's invasion into the Commonwealth.


A myriad of options become available at this point, in which the Sole Survivor may:

  • Head to the Boston airport and speak with one of the garrisoned soldiers or scribes, who will refer the Sole Survivor to the Cambridge police department should they wish to become a recruit.


  • Skip the previous step entirely, in which the Sole Survivor will need to travel to the Cambridge police department and speak with Paladin Danse.

Upon arrival at the police department, the Sole Survivor will encounter the BoS recon team stationed there being viciously attacked by a roaming hoard of feral ghouls, which must be dealt with in their entirety in order to secure Danse's trust.

Quest stages

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This quest can easily be skipped entirely, as discovering the Cambridge police department and eventually becoming an initiate through Paladin Danse will prematurely nullify this quest.

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