Restoring Order (holotape)

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Restoring Order
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Restoring Order is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Harpers Ferry: The holotape is on the terminal desk next to the northern gate.



Eddie Hayes: Things are finally starting to shape up around here at Harpers Ferry.

We got a lot of defenses up and running, a real perimeter, and people taking lookout shifts.

Niraj is working on some new contraption to help with these brutal storms that sweep through. He said they could filter the air or something.

And Ella's got a decent clinic set up with the help of the Responders.

It makes me feel like maybe Raleigh was right, and we can have a real go at this.

Some of these survivors proved they aren't completely worthless, too.

One guy, Duncan, turned out to be a decent hunter, and another gal, Kendyll, she's a better shot than me.

Still, you look at these people struggling here and just think... You bastards had your chance.

We practically spelled it out for you and you just turned up your noses and called us crazy.

Bunch of idiots...

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