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Responders Field Manual: Radiation
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Responders Field Manual: Radiation is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Maria Chavez: Responders field manual project, entry one. Maria Chavez speaking. I've been thinking about where to start. What's the first thing, the most important thing, we can teach our members? It has to be radiation, that silent killer, omnipresent in the world around us. We've lost too many good men and women to the terrible effects of radiation. Most didn't know they'd been exposed until it was too late. Our rations of Rad-X and RadAway are too limited to treat everyone, but I've been working on a way to extend those supplies. I've found a way to create diluted variations of both Rad-X and RadAway, cutting the base chems with purified water. I wrote the formulas down while I was at Arktos Pharma, but some ghouls chased me out. I need to get back there so I can do some trials. I'm confident it'll work, but I'd like to be completely sure. After that, I'll head to AVR medical and start work on the next chapter. Hopefully there won't be ghouls there, too.

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