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Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 76
Vault 76 Overseer
Appalachia Raiders
Free States
Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel
Order of Mysteries
Vault 51
RolePlayer character
QuestsAll quests

The Residents[1] were the vault dwellers of Vault 76 that opened October 23rd, 2102 and reclaimed Appalachia in Fallout 76.


The Residents of Vault 76 are or are the direct descendants of, the pre-war scientists, Olympic athletes, luminaries, war heroes, politicians, and Vault-Tec University professors were housed and staffed Vault 76. The people chosen by Vault-Tec were quite literally the cream of the crop that pre-war United States had to offer.[2] As to be expected of such accomplished individuals, they were highly competitive and goal driven, exactly what Vault-Tec needed to recolonize the American wasteland. But keeping them placated while in Vault 76 turned out to be the interesting challenge for the Overseer. Various awards for mundane achievements were given to various residents which worked for most residents when fights didn't breakout,[3] and the Vault 76 "World" Cup was used to focus the more physically active residents.[4]

After 25 years in Vault 76, the Overseer would receive the activation notice to open the Vault and release all the residents into Appalachia as part of Reclamation Day. Before release, residents would be equipped and trained the in operation of the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform device (or C.A.M.P.) for settling uninhabited areas, given a map to accurately explore their surroundings, allowed to leave with their Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI.[5] As per procedure (and against the wishes of the security team), the residents would not be armed and only lightly provisioned exiting Vault 76. Besides the equipment given to them to settle Appalachia, they would need to procure weapons and other resources from scavenging.[6]

By 2103, the Residents would take part in assisting either the "Settlers" or "Raiders" that had come back to Appalachia in reclaiming the region, as well as finding a rumored fortune.[7]


  • The Residents is the first player character that exists alongside other player characters in a Fallout game.
  • Residents are all skilled with various musical instruments.


The Residents appear only in Fallout 76.