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Residential district
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Map MarkerResidential District
Connects toVilla
QuestsFind Collar 14: Dean Domino
Cell NameNVDLC01DeanBuilding
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The residential district is a district within the Sierra Madre Villa in 2281.


Before the Great War, the residential district was a place for the casino's high rollers and entertainers to enjoy the outdoors of the Villa in seclusion.[1]


Upon entering the residential district from the east side of the villa, there are immediately three paths one can take. To the right is an open courtyard area with a Sierra Madre vending machine and nothing else of note.

By going to the left, there is a Hard-locked gate that impedes progress. Proceeding through the maze of a corridor brings one an area filled with the Cloud and two sets of stairs on opposites sides of the area. The stairs on the left lead up to a room containing one of Dean's secret stashes and an ammunition box behind the couch. A doorway on the opposite end of the room leads to a balcony which in turn leads to the room on the other side of the open area. Toward the back of the open area (through the Cloud), there is an ammunition box tucked behind a pillar. Another hallway leading out of this area is found in the same wall leading into it. This hallway leads to another open space of the Cloud. Through here is a "safe" zone with Dean Domino's room in plain view from the ground.

However, going up the stairs at the entrance of the residential district will bring you to the same place. Up the stairs, there are planks on the left that lead into a blown out room that holds nothing of much value, save for a pressure plate/rigged shotgun trap. Through the door at the top of the stairs is another pressure plate rigged to two shotguns. The exit to the room is rigged with a tripwire and a grenade bouquet. Outside is an large open courtyard filled with (dead) trees that contains several supply caches. They are, however, in the midst of the toxic fog of the Cloud. Through the Cloud on the other side of the courtyard is an arch leading to a featureless area with another one of Dean's secret stashes in the back. Before the Cloud-filled courtyard, there is another stairway leading up to a doorway trapped with a tripwire/grenade bouquet. In this room is a rare first aid kit tucked next to an oven.

A balcony stretches along the wall outside the door and circumvents the heavy exposure the Cloud. The balcony exits to yet another trapped room. This trap is rather ingenious; a pressure plate activates a rigged shotgun mounted on the underside of a table which hits a fire extinguisher, which then explodes upon being shot. This trapped room has stairs leading down into the street as well as a hole punched into the wall near the exit. The hole in the wall connects to another doorway by way of overlaid planks. The makeshift bridge saves you from running through the Cloud filled street below. However, one can also run through the Cloud momentarily and still get to the same doorway.

The door way here is trapped (again) with a tripwire/grenade bouquet. This room connects to another balcony. At the end of the balcony, the railing has broken off. Coincidentally, the Cloud ends shortly before this drop down; unfortunately, this is the perfect location to place a pressure plate/grenade bouquet trap. From here, one follows a long and uneventful journey to Dean's apartment. Around the building and up the stairs takes you to a room with an electric hot plate. Up the second flight of stairs brings one to the room where the King of Swing is sitting peacefully.

Notable loot

  • 7 of Hearts on one of the tables in the room accessed by crossing the plank on top of the staircase you see as soon as you enter the district.
  • Duck and Cover! (see bug section) underneath the bed in Dean Domino's room.
  • Ace of Diamonds Sierra Madre Playing card in a corner by a bench just to the south of the Vending Machine. A skill magazine is also located in the garbage can southeast of the same vending machine.
  • 9 of Hearts Sierra Madre playing card in the shop opposite the stairs leading up to Dean Domino's room, behind the bed.
  • 2 of Spades Sierra Madre playing card against the northern wall behind a bed in a bedroom west of a Cloud-filled courtyard, with a pressure plate/rigger shotgun/extinguisher trap in the entrance.
  • The vending machine code: return outfit item is in a storefront near Dean's room.

Related quests


  • There are two Lover's mark stash locations. The first is just to the left as you enter the area from the Villa containing misc food-stuffs. The second is south of the stairs leading to Domino's room in the south-west corner of the courtyard behind the corner arch pillar and has ammunition.
  • There is a bed with a blue bed cover in one of the buildings which can be slept in.


The residential district appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Duck and Cover! is stuck underneath the bed in the same room where you first meet Dean Domino. There is a glitch in the game script that causes the book to fall through the bed's surface to an area underneath the bed where no items were meant to go. It can only be accessed by using explosives.



  1. Fallout: New Vegas loading screen hints: "The Residential District of the Villa was a place for the casino's high rollers and entertainers to enjoy the outdoors of the Villa... in seclusion."