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Resettle Refugees at (location)
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Resettle Refugees at (location) is a quest in Fallout 4.


This quest is only acquired if the Institute has been destroyed, the Evacuation Order was given, and there's at least one unclaimed settlement in the Commonwealth.

A settlement has to be cleared of hostiles and the workshop must be claimed. The group of Institute scientists will then move in from their temporary home at a Minutemen checkpoint. Then the quest may be turned in to Preston Garvey.


To be able to receive this quest the Institute must have been destroyed in the main quest line. In addition at least one settlement has to be available to be captured. When destroying the Institute, the evacuation order must have been given. This is the cause for the settlers as they are homeless Institute scientists. They can be met at a checkpoint and they name a settlement to clear. That location, for example Croup Manor or Kingsport Lighthouse, has to be cleared of hostiles and its workbench must be activated. After turning in the quest, the settlers should move in.

Quest stages

  1. Talk to Settlers at Minuteman Checkpoint
  2. Secure workshop at <location>
  3. Report your success to the settlers
  4. Talk with Preston Garvey


  • Sometimes the refugees may be bugged and never move into their new home, although they still count towards settlers and happiness, and they consume resources.
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