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Research Note
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Research Note is a paper note in Fallout 76.


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Environmental Radiation Readings

2/17 9:35am - 1237 Rads
2/18 10:15am - 1362 Rads
2/19 9:16am - 1292 Rads
2/20 1:20pm - 1298 Rads
Tore my suit today. Tried to tape it back together but I don't think it will hold.
2/22 6:38pm - 1215 Rads
Started coughing up blood this morning. This isn't good. God, I hope Robbie has better luck than I did.
2/23 4:22am - 1396 Rads
Thought I saw a bear this morning. Glad something is able to survive in this. I don't think I can go on much longer but hopefully one day in the future someone will be able to use this data.

Until then, I think I'll just enjoy one last sunrise.

Dr. Blake Saunders

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