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Rescue from Paradise
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The captives
Quest data
LocationLittle Lamplight
Paradise Falls
Given ByMayor MacCready, Sammy
RewardEntry into Little Lamplight
AchievementRescue from Paradise
Xbox Live gamerscoreIcon gamerscore.png20PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
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Base ID00014e8d
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leads to:
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Strictly Business

Rescue from Paradise is a side quest in Fallout 3 as well as an achievement/trophy.


The slavers of Paradise Falls will do anything to turn a quick buck. That is why they enslaved some easy targets: a few children from Little Lamplight. The Lone Wanderer can help these children break out.


  1. Go to Paradise Falls.
    1. (Optional) Purchase the three children. Eulogy Jones demands 500 bottle caps each for Sammy and Penny, and 1000 caps for Squirrel. A successful Speech check lowers the total price for all three children to 1200 caps.
  2. Talk to Squirrel in the slave cages in the back of Paradise Falls.
  3. Reconnect Squirrel's computer to the Paradise Falls network. This can be done by tampering with the terminal in Eulogy's pad (requires a Science of 50 to hack) or by repairing a cable junction box near the Paradise Falls outdoor bar (which requires a Repair of 40).
  4. Get Forty to stop guarding the slave cages. This can be done by passing a Speech check with him, or convince Crimson (either through a Speech check or by paying her 100 caps) to lead Forty away from the cages.
  5. Rescue Rory from The Box by pickpocketing the Paradise Falls Box key from Forty or finding it in Eulogy's pad.
  6. Tell the children the coast is clear.
  7. Talk to them outside of Paradise Falls.

Quest stages

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  • There is no reward besides karma for saving Rory. He gains no new dialogue in his new home in Moriarty's saloon.
  • Completing this quest before leading Rory to the front gate will invalidate the ability to save him and, thus, the karma reward. Every time he is spoken to after the quest is over, he says, "Hey, talk fast, I hate it when I talk to customers," and only a "I have to go now" dialog choice is available. This can occur if you have him wait while you go and speak to Sammy (and completing the quest).


  • PCIcon pc.png After the player opens the box and speaks to Rory, if you have him wait behind, leave the area and return, he may be stuck in the ground in the rubble near the box. If you've wiped out the slavers he thanks you for helping him escape and the player receives karma as though they had taken him outside. Rory then begins to run in place in the rubble as though fleeing. If the player encounters him like this, speaking to him twice will trigger two different dialogues, one where he just thanks them for the rescue, the second where he asks them to free the kids (even if they have already been freed). This results in the player receiving positive karma twice.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Interacting with Sammy in any way will cause the game to crash despite your response. This only seems to happen if you bribe Grouse for permission to enter. The quest can still be completed by killing all of the slavers and then speaking to one of the other children instead. The same applies when meeting them outside Paradise Falls.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It is possible for Rory to die without penalty, even though you have to save him. Penny will act as if he is alive and the quest will complete as normal.