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Requiem for Kelley
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Requiem for Kelley is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Lost Home: On the roof towards the west of the complex on a table.



Parker: We'd been wandering for weeks until we came across an old shantytown that was built before the war. I convinced Kelley that we both needed rest and this would be the perfect place. The radiation sickness she was suffering from was making her weak and I knew she was no longer fit to travel. With a roof over her head, I was finally confident enough to head out and look for supplies. Biggest mistake I've ever made. I scoured the area for most of the day until I finally stumbled across an old army outpost loaded with medical supplies. Excited, I rushed back to the shantytown and my dear Kelley. When I got there, I found her... she was dead... and her body was being... eaten by wild dogs. Killing the creatures made me feel better, but the feeling didn't last. This was my fault. I left her alone, left her to die. She depended on me, and I failed. If you can hear me, Kelley, know that I will always love you and that I'm sorry. Sorry about this damn war, sorry about everything.

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