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Reloading bench
A typical reloading bench.
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Reloading bench is a world object in Fallout: New Vegas.


The reloading bench's primary purpose is to convert different cartridges of ammunition to others, making otherwise undesirable ammunition immediately valuable. However, these conversions do not share the same casings or hulls needed. They share only lead, powder, and primer, so these are not a straight conversion.


At a reloading bench, you can hand-load your own rounds using certain raw materials. Note that the types of cartridges you can create depend on your Repair skill, ammunition specifications you have found, and whether or not you have the Hand Loader perk.

You can also break down cartridges in your possession in order to obtain reloading materials. Note that the break-down process doesn't return exactly all of the materials a round was made of, so it is wise to avoid unnecessary ammunition processing. Additionally, you can use the bench to extract lead from piles of scrap metal. Tin cans and scrap metal can be used in combination with the shell or cartridge needed to make that type of junk round (only available with the junk rounds perk from the Dead Money add-on ).


Reloading benches can be found in almost all relatively large settlements. They can also be found around small encampments and outside stores.

Dead Money

Honest Hearts

Old World Blues


  • Most specialized types of ammunition such as armor piercing and hollow point rounds cannot be broken down or crafted from the reloading bench.


  • Sometimes when opening the reloading bench and hovering over any option in the left column and then moving to the right column and then back to the left to select something else, everything besides the "Exit" button becomes unclickable. Coming out of the menu and back on fixes this. It seems to happen by random chance.