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For the quest with the same name, see Reilly's Rangers (quest).
Reilly's Rangers
Notable MembersBrick
HeadquartersRanger Compound

Reilly's Rangers is a mercenary group operating out of the Ranger Compound in Seward Square, deep within the ruins of Washington, D.C..[1]


The Rangers were founded by Reilly in 2273. She originally procured a lucrative contract from an anonymous "Mr. Smith" for the eradication of super mutants in the DC ruins.[2] Eventually, Reilly proposed to him a mapping project, focusing on terrain and structure mapping for the District of Columbia urban sections. Make notes of enemy resistance, weapons caches, strategic positions, retreat points, etc. The employer accepted the proposal and thus began a massive mapping exercise of the Capital Wasteland, easier to do than hunting down super mutants in the ruins.[3][4][5][6]

However, the contract, as lucrative as it may be, still requires Rangers to expose themselves to danger. As such, sometime before the disastrous expedition to Vernon Square, Reilly lost two of her squadmates, Dallas and Kira. She hired Theo on probation to fill in the vacancies.[7]

The Rangers deployed in full force to Vernon Square, to map the area for the employer and retrieve any usable equipment. The area also doubled as a potential source of medical supplies and knowledge for Butcher and a prime location for a radio transmitter (on top of the Statesman Hotel). It was also an occasion to give Theo a taste of his first real combat.[8]

The first real deployment after this change in roster, to Vernon Square, proved disastrous: the Rangers were overwhelmed by mutants, pushed into the Our Lady of Hope Hospital and then the Statesman Hotel, only to end up besieged at the roof. Reilly managed to slip out, in order to find help, but she was forced to fight a running battle against the mutants.[9] Heavily wounded, she managed to make her way to the Underworld, where she remains in a coma, with Barrows unwilling to wake her up, first to allow her body to heal and second because of the potential for damage to her brain.[10]


Reilly's Rangers are a small unit. Reilly is the leader of the team, while the others are essentially contractors, working in exchange for commission for each completed deployment.

Active members

  • Reilly (leader)
  • Butcher (medic) - offers free healing at the Ranger Compound.
  • Donovan (tech) - repairs equipment at reduced prices at the Ranger Compound.
  • Brick (heavy weapons specialist)

Inactive members

Relations with the outside

The Rangers are a mercenary group, working for the highest bidder. However, Reilly also reserves the right to reject an assignment on moral grounds, differentiating themselves from Talon Company.

They occasionally pass through Underworld, but don't have any closer relations with the ghouls.[11]


The Rangers are a small, but well equipped group. They use a military version of first generation combat armor stenciled with their insignia. In combat, they mostly rely on small arms, but their heavy weapons specialist takes pride in the Minigun. They rely on their feet when travelling and don't seem to have access to vehicles.

Related quests


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If Donovan dies, the Rangers turn hostile even if the player wasn't the culprit.


Reilly's Rangers appear only in Fallout 3.



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    • Ammunition Box (5)
    • First Aid Box (2)
    "Check the wall terminal and locked door. If you've met Reilly, you can easily enter this building. There is a second message on the wall terminal, from Reilly's sibling."
    "If you began Mini Encounter 0.01: Searching for Cheryl, there are additional clues to her whereabouts here."
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    After that, she wandered the Wasteland, doing odd mercenary-related jobs, and building up a reputation as a tried and true soldier who gets the job done. When she was 26, she founded Reilly's Rangers and undertook the biggest mission of her carrier: mapping all of the ruins of Washington D.C. It's unknown if Reilly undertook this mission of her own accord or was hired to do so, but she attacked this task with everything in her arsenal. Taking several other mercenaries with her, she formed "Reilly's Rangers" and set out to accomplish this dangerous feat."
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    Reilly: "We were mapping the Vernon Square part of the downtown ruins and got jumped by a Super Mutant ambush party. Usually it isn't a problem, but this group was bigger than usual. We fought our way into Our Lady of Hope Hospital, hoping to find cover."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Let me guess, more Super Mutants inside?"
    Reilly: "You got it. More of the ugly bastards just kept coming. We fought our way to the roof and found a way across to the Statesman Hotel next door. The Super Mutants seemed driven... like they smelled blood. They kept following us. Once in the hotel, the only way to go was up."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Bad move, I'm guessing."
    Reilly: "Very bad move, but we had no choice. On the way we lost Theo, one of my guys. We were unable to get the ammo case off of his body as we were pushed onwards. So, guns almost dry, we hit the roof of the Statesman."
    The Lone Wanderer: "So that leaves them up there. How come you're here?"
    Reilly: "My bad idea I'm afraid. I had a Stealth Boy which allowed me to slip off the roof unnoticed. The plan was to get back to get some help. I was almost at the street when a Super Mutant jumped me. Damn near ripped my arm off in the process. Last thing I remember was falling into a culvert. Now I'm here. Some rescue attempt, huh?"
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    Barrows: "Oh, you must be new around here. They're a mercenary company that bases itself out of the D.C. Ruins. I'm assuming she's their leader, Reilly. What was left of her armor had her name stenciled on it. She was in a pretty bad way when they found her outside Underworld."
    The Lone Wanderer: "What's wrong with her?"
    Barrows: "She had multiple lacerations, contusions, broken leg, some internal bleeding and blunt force trauma. She's hasn't been conscious since they brought her in a few days ago. I'd say she tangled with some Super Mutants and lost. It's a miracle she isn't dead."
    The Lone Wanderer: "How did she end up in the Chop Shop?"
    Barrows: "She was just brought in by a few others. They found her bleeding to death at the entrance to the city here. If she'd been out in the tunnels any longer, she'd have been someone's meal by now."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Do you think there's any way to revive her?"
    Barrows: "Well, I wouldn't recommend it. She's in some sort of coma. It's dangerous to force someone out of one. There's no telling when she'll come out of it I'm afraid."
    The Lone Wanderer: "Do you mind if I try and revive her?"
    Barrows: "Unless you're an expert at medicine, I wouldn't recommend it. You may end up doing more harm than good. However, I'm all for helping my patients, so if you think you have the ability, be my guest."
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    (Barrows' dialogue)